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Low T with Androgel: Need Info

I know most of you have heard this scenario before but I’m hoping someone can shed some light on my situation. I’m a 55 year old male, 5’ 8" and 195 lbs. I hit the gym 5 - 6 times weekly and lift fairly heavy weights for about 2 hours a session. I have no major complaints about energy, power or endurance and feel rejuvenated enough to keep going back to the gym almost daily. The issue is that in Sept 2012 I asked my doc to do a panel so we could take a look at my T levels. He ordered ONLY the T Total and it came back at 270 ng/dl which he thought was low but “still in the normal range”.

I was prescribed Androgel 1.62% (2 pumps daily)and told to return in 6 months for follow up. Insurance covered the ridiculous cost of the Androgel so I started on it right away and seemed to feel more energetic than before. That only lasted for about 3 weeks and things returned to what I would consider normal…EXCEPT for the lack of good wood! Now it may be a product of aging but since I had no issues with hard wood (frequent)or libido (24/7) prior to using Androgel I figured wait 6 months like doc said and retest. Fast forward to Feb 2013 and the follow up results are T Total = 330 ng/dl.

This time they tested Free T and it is 60.5 (can not compare since it was not done first time). Anyway the doc was pleased with the 330 result and once again said to return in 6 months. He was not interested in my take on the situation and only used the test result as evidence of “being on the right path”.

Needless to say, having a wilted sapling is not going to cut it even if my gym progress is coming along so I’m reaching out to y’all at T NATION and keeping my fingers crossed that together we can resurrect what was once a proud and rigid member of the wood family. Btw, my doc was not interested in the concept of me self injecting T cyp whatsoever so this is not an option. In fact, I’m surprised he did not ask any personal questions. Would anybody care to comment on a 270 to 330 result after 5+ months and suggest a next step in order to restore libido or at the very least a decent stiffy??? Or is it possible that while my lifting totals continue to climb at age 55 everything else is sadly turning off? Thank you!

OK…just read stickies…not much to add but here goes:
Age; 55
weight; 195 (not alot of body fat…mostly belly if any)
waist; 34
Not very hairy body, minimal facial hair
No known health conditions.
No meds (other than Androgel)
Fairly balanced diet (leaning towards Paleo)
Training: 5 - 6 days week, 2 hours a session (mostly Oly lifts/Hvy squatting)
No Testes ache, no breast ache, no apparent swelling anywhere.
Morning wood and nocturnal erections have gone way south. Mostly AFTER Androgel. Possible coincidence?
Overall energy is good, never seem to drag ass to gym. Look forward to going every day.
Have been experiencing restless sleep at about 4 am every night. Lasts a few hours. Did not have this until 2 months ago.
Androgel: ONLY 2 pumps daily/am. Started Sept 2012 First blood - (270 ng/dl)
Still using 2 pumps: March 2013 Second blood (330 ng/ml) Total T: 60.5
Doc will not do extended panel. Thinks it’s “unnecessary”
Oh, and my wife is pissed…thinks the gym is taking all my T. I NEED WOOD.
Thanks for any advice!