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Low T w/ Symptoms, Doc Referred to Endo, Starting Self-Treatment

Will just try and hit main points to keep this short (Scroll to THE QUESTION if you don’t want to read all the details)

Every symptom of LOW T. Every single one.

Labs come back with Free T at 73.2
Total T has ranged anywhere from 486 ng/dl to 299 ng/dl (Tested 3 times)
Bioavailable 147.2 ng/dl

Estrodial just came back at 53.9 pg/ml

Doctor will NOT prescribe T because I am 27 years old.

Now that I have discovered the world of TRT and done extensive research on Testosterone it explains EVERYTHING wrong with my life. My life is great minus the Low T symptoms (again if you’ve read it as a symptom, I have it)

She is sending me to an endocrinologist November 14th.

I am in the process of being prescribed T through a popular tele-clinic that you all have probably heard of (100% will be prescribed but total process will take almost 30 days)

I also have acquired my own TEST E (very safe and proven source) and am very educated about how much and when to inject (studied all protocols here on the site and elsewhere and I am good to go)

I have been given the run around by my doc for 2 months in the worst way possible and just want to get the ball rolling.


My doc says my Endo will be able to get to the route of WHY I have the LOW T. Will starting my own treatment effect my Endo finding out WHY I have low T? My thinking is that if my endo is able to tell me I have low t because of some thyroid issue or a tumor on my pituitary gland then having some TEST E in my body shouldn’t effect the finding at all.

I just want to feel normal and begin the process.

Your response is greatly appreciated.

So basically your doctor is saying you’re too young for TRT and you need to suffer until you reach a certain age? When you do see the endo he will mostly likely have you come off the test to retest you, it will take longer to return to baseline and your recovery will be painful and slow. Whenever you see an endo who takes insurance vs a clinic like Defy Medical it all come down to your insurance that determines if the doctor can act on your behalf, but for this to happen the doctor needs to know what in the hell their doing or none of it matters. This is why people go with clinics v.s insurance doctors, their heavily restricted it what they can do. This is where the labs ranges come in, if you come in near the bottom but not below it they classify as normal which is pure bullshit! I’m really starting to hate the word normal!

Dude same! Yes, they are really messing with me but like I said, I am going through an out of state clinic which like I said I am going to be 100% approved.

I just want to be sure that beginning my own safe at-home treatment won’t mask some potential underlying issue when I go to the endo.

Use a reputable clinic and they will order the proper blood work and give you a protocol as needed. This is what I did. I later went to a Endo and got a script for Test C because I was already diagnosed and receiving treatment. The endo does not do an AI or HCG so I use a clinic for the AI.

To answer your question. Yes taking test E or any ester will affect your tests. Your FSH/LH will go to zero as your HPTA is shut down. The endo will not be able to diagnose ‘why’. You have to get lab results and examine those first then start your T regimen.

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^^^^ That.

Your first mistake was going to a female endo in the first place. Doc I have low libido, depression, lack of confidence, trouble sleeping… etc.

Your bloods come back low and the response is “nope you’re too young.”

Did you do all the right things to elevate your T? Like: lift, sleep, eat varied fats, eat adequate calories, lose body fat etc… might want to Google “art of manliness increase testosterone” the guy doubled his low T in a month and lays out how. Can’t link it here.

I have gone the natty route several times. Losing weight + zing + brazil nuts + blacked out my room for deeper sleep. Definitely need some kind of treatment. Thanks though I will check out the vid anyway.

Hey bro I do have extensive labs… if I posted them here would you take a look and see if you can see something that could be the cause? I do have 55 pg/mL estrogen as well.

Your labs don’t include the tests needed for diagnoses. You need to test FSH, LH, SHBG, Prolactin and should have your thyroid tests done at the same time. You need to post lab ranges for your current lab tests as well.

Also your labs are incomplete, where are the labs ranges? Every lab has different ranges, it’s not standardised.