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Low T, Varicocele

Hy guys ,my story:
Untill last year i was a horny mdfk:),sex at least 2-4 times a day,hitting the gym 5 times a week, 28y,180m ,83kg…everithing was great untill i got a bacterial prostatitis then all my erection,libido was almoust gone.I tested my hormones by my self :
Testosterone-3.13ng/ml (2.37-10.6)
Fsh -3.76 miu/ml (0.7-11)
Lh-4.82miu/ml (1.70-8.60)
Tsh- 1.24(0.27-4.2)

I ve been to urologist he discover that a have a varicocele grade 2…he treated my prostatitis and he said that my hormones are fine .
I have all low t simptoms …no spontanious erection in day and night without stimulation…only moorning (thanks god).
Now my testicles have shrink a liitle bit and they are hanging low…maybe is the varicocel the problem.
I retest t level after 2 months at 9 am and it comes 558ng/ml but still libido problems and my pensis and testicles are not as sensitive as they use to be,orgasm also sucks ,still no nocturnal erections,only in the morning
I usef for 6 years minoxidil foam to keep my hair from.failling and i read some studies says that is affect androgen receptors(t 558 was after i stopped using minox for 2 months).

My uro said my testicles are fine after scanning them except the varicocele but nothing to worry…but i know they are smalles than last year…and less sensitive
Last weak i saw another uro and made a sperm test witch was low and affected…so i will remove it about 3 months from now…
My question is…it will raise my testosterone too?how about erections?did anybody know?
I can stil perform sex 2 times a day with my girlfriend but my erections are not as they used to be 1 year ago.
SATHURDAY i will see an endo…any suggestions?can i add hcg only for restoring test and testicles?

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E2, estradiol, is quite high relative to Total Testosterone TT, making you estrogen dominant and that affects libido and sexual function and more. This raises concern that liver may not be clearing E2 properly and labs for AST/ALT are useful. For AST/ALT you have to be off training for 5-6 days and have no muscle soreness.

Would be better if FT, free T, has also been tested.

Any CBC labs?

Your TT is very low for you age and FT may be worse. TT is T plus T+albumin plus T+SHBG. T+SHBG is not bio-available. Lower T and higher E2 increase SHBG.

Testes can be smaller from reduced LH.

Thanks for answering ,i tested my liver one year ago and it was all fine and a full Hemogram along with T tests witch is also good.
I will test the other ones you ve told me.
So…do you think my lh is to low along with my 558 testosterone…thats what i im thinking to…i notice that past month i can t gaine muscle and i have some problemes with my abdominal fat too…pretty hard to burn fats…
As i mentioned i tested my sperm and is really low …maybe after i will test the other hormons i can add some hcg untill i get my varicocele fixed.
Thanks alot Ksman

Sperm should not be a train wreck with your LH/FSH numbers.

You have symptoms of low T and TT=558 may be misleading.

Reading the stickies is your best step now.

Now it make sense regard estrogen…i tooked one month ago half a Clomid pill to see what happen and killed my erection for 2 days and after day 3 i woke up with a very hard erection…i think clomid raise my E2 too high…i will talk to my endo and see what she sais …but i think she will tell me i am ok etc etc…here in Romania most doctors are dumb

Ksman one more question,as i told you about clomid i tooked also one time half a pill of nolva and it did the same thing on my erections…gone for 3 days…i know that nolva blocks estrogen so what happend?E2 was to loo?i need to find a balance somehow?Thanks