Low T, Varicocele at 18, Advice Needed

Ok so im in a fairly shitty situation atm, ive been having low t symptoms (low libido, fatigue, delayed puberty + all the other common symptoms) for 2 years now and had my testosterone levels checked recently and it came back at 13nmol (350ng/dl) which is low for 18 (although the doctor insisted its in the “normal range”, which really annoys me as im struggling with this and it is low)

I also found out i have a varicocele and its shrunk my left testicle and i have read up that the two things could be related if my testicle has been damaged by the varicocele. my gp agreed to send me to a urologist but there is a 3 month wait to just get an appointment with one on the nhs so im going to go private as i cannot wait that long. anyway i need a referral off my gp to go to a private urologist which is proving a struggle as she thinks my test levels are fine etc and that going private will be a waste of my money etc, which has pissed me right off as i clearly have an issue and shes standing in my way to sorting this problem out.

anyway my questions are firstly, what the fk should i do as im kinda worried about all this, as ive read that peoples testosterone levels dont even rise after they get the varicocele surgery and i feel a bit young to be committing to TRT, plus i want to join the RAF and have read you cant join the forces whilst on trt? also does trt make you infertile? HELP.

cheers guys.