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Low T, TRT, and Gynecomastia?

So I’m 23yr old and dealing with low T. I had levels of bioavailable testosterone at 1.4 with the range 2.5-10. I have lost 30lbs in the last 5 months (down to 195lbs now and I’m 5foot9) by running/improved diet, but I’m noticing that I may have a minor case of gynecomastia. My breasts aren’t sore or anything but it seems they are a tad more pronounced then they should be. I’m possibly going to need TRT if we can’t fix the issue with my testes naturally. Do you guys think that TRT would help get rid of my man boobs?

Gyno is hard lumps under the nipple. It’s glandular tissue becoming firm and enlarged.

Yeah I think I may have a minor case, shouldn’t TRT help with that though?

No. Not particularly. tamoxifen helps, surgery helps, TRT balances your hormones if you are Test deficient.

As of right now your hormone profile matches that of a women and is why you have man boobs, correcting the hormone profile to match a man will only help, but if the tissue is excess you may need surgery to completely remove those man boobs.

It’s hard to be accurate without seeing it for myself.

I don’t have gyno, or atleast I’m pretty sure I don’t. I do have some massive titties and love handles though. Unfortunately that’s where all my fat goes. I can see veins in my calves, shins, and quads all while walking around with a solid B cup and love handles that could feed a starving family for a year. TRT hasn’t changed that for me.

It takes a lot of time and work. How long have you been on TRT?

Who was this question for?

The straight answer: it depends.

For a lot of guys out there with fat on their chest, optimizing their T levels made most of that fat vanish and their ‘gyno’ (which wasn’t actually gyno) went away.

I had a lump from before starting TRT. My T levels were VERY low. Once I got my levels optimized, the lump shrunk quite a bit. It’s a non issue now compared to what it was before.

Probably you, but I honestly don’t remember

Ah, I’ve been on about 8-9 months.

Focusing on incline bench really helped mine blend in. Since you have lost a lot of weight you could have skin elasticity issues that can resolve themselves over time as your body adjusts to being leaner as the new default. TRT may help with the skin. Focusing on incline can dramatically help it looks-wise. I’m using tamoxifen (fairly recently) and it looks promising so far but hasn’t been enough time to tell if it will reverse it yet.

“Fatty” gyno can be different than lump gyno. Many have a mix of the two.

You need routine help then. Body types differ. I could help but probably need to move to a different forum on here.

How long did you have low T levels and gyno before starting TRT?

I just noticed a small lump under my nipple but it’s a bit sore. Does that mean it hasn’t become fibrosis and may be reversible thru therapy?

probably, but you should see a doctor for that.

I was low for several years. It took awhile for me to get educated on the subject and the doctors in the area were clueless. The endo I saw recommended injections of 400mg once a month at his office. Others had me on Androgel. It was a shit show. The gyno was also there for many years. The funny thing is the higher my T levels get and the higher I allow my E2 to climb the more it shrinks down. It’s the complete opposite of everything I had previously learned.

That’s reassuring, I’m hoping I can get this dealt with not involving surgery

You can always try some tamoxifen. Google aipct