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Low T, Thyroid and Adrenal Issues

I have a T level of 4.3 NMOI/L on a range of 9.9 - 30.0. TSH is 2.8 and thyroid hormones are low but I can’t remember the numbers because I don’t have the paperwork and adrenal ACTH is low which means that I have adrenal issues too. My endo is going to put me on testosterone enanthate and I’m wondering if the TRT will work if there are thyroid and adrenal problems?

The symptoms I’m concerned about are; chronic ED and loss of libido.

Need way more info…post a history of symptoms (you can get advice for this in the Prototype: Advice for New Guys sticky) and bloodwork you have had to date…

taking extra T will normally place additional stress/demands on your thyroid and adrenals. If they can’t handle the demands, then you could experience new and wonderful symptoms/problems. I would wait until I had the right tests in my hands and a comprehensive treatment plan (if possible) to treat the systems in the right order.

adrenals -> thyroid -> hormones