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Low T, Teenager

I apologize in advance it’s 4 in the morning can’t sleep, English might be off!
Okay, I typed out a huge thread and accidentally deleted.
I am 19 205lbs, and 6’4. I have decent muscle mass but not a lot of body hair, my chest is the coarsest, my legs below my knee is invisible from 10 ft away and above the knee I’m missing hair on the inner side.

My facial is laggin I have coarse dark hair on my neck and chin but no just peach fuzz for mustache. Oh and my armpit hair is fluffy and lightly colored. Ocansionally do I wake up with morning wood and I am pretty sexually active with my girl friend. But I know I could have a higher drive.
Either I am still growing or I have low T.

Now let me tell you some back history, I used to be overweight after my 8th grade year I become an inactive nerd playing world of Warcraft to make my anxiety go away. I went on medication(Zoloft) and was homeschool after my sophomore year I weighed 286lbs maybe more. Stopped all of those habits and medication and worked out got in shape lost 100lbs total and than started bulking. This is where I am now! I go to my pediatric doctor still I have known him for awhile and for a physical he does a fingerprick blood test, so I am not sure if he gets enough blood for test levels. What should I do?

*one more thing when I was 9 i had to get tested for blood in my urine, you couldn’t see it but the doctor ordered the test. They stuck a tiny microscope up my pee hole(worst thing in my life) as turned it fine. Apparently ran in my family.

Thanks for any help!


Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

Post particulars and lab work as per above.

Do not ignore comments about thyroid.

Get additional lab work done.

Where are you located? This might affect your diagnostic options.