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Low T Symptoms, Bloodwork

Hello All,

For the last couple of years I have been feeling extremely fatigued and progressively I’ve lost motivation to workout. I went from working out 2x a day, 5 days a week to about 2 times a week overall. I pretty much feel like an old man in a young mans body.

I’ve looked into low T and I can check off pretty every box of the symptom list. I got recent blood work done and it showed my Total Testosterone was 341, a second blood test was 298. All other blood tests seem to be good (T-3,T4,B12)

Are these levels low enough to be considered low T given my age (26 years old)? I’ve tried many things to help increase levels naturally, which hasn’t seemed to work… thanks for any and all input


Levels below 440 ng/dL is associated with cardiovascular disease, I think that pretty much answers your question. Do not expect your doctor to follow or be aware of any of these studies I’m providing links to. The majority of doctors have no idea what normal healthy testosterone levels are, only what the endocrine society guidelines state which aren’t based off any studies.

Present Trump scores higher than you do at 72 years old (450 ng/dL), the problem with these ranges is they do not account for age. Men’s testosterone is at it’s peak at 21 years old and by the time a man turns 30, his testosterone levels decrease 1% every year until his levels are in the 300 ranges by the time he’s elderly, the endocrine society believes it’s alright for a young man to have the same testosterone levels as an elder man which is insane!

To get TRT you need two scores below 300 ng/dL, or treatment isn’t covered by insurance, I have a saying, he who foots the bill (insurance) gets to call all the shots. You don’t like it, find a private doctor because when you start paying for things, anything is possible.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

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UPDATE: Yet another blood test, Total T was 360. Doctor decided to prescribe me Clomid 50mg 3x a week to try and boost natural production. Thoughts?

In the end you’ll need TRT, doctor is prescribing clomid so he can justify to the medical board he tried other methods to restore testosterone before giving you TRT.

I would rather be on a bioidentical hormones over some drug, we don’t know the effects of long term clomid usage.

That’s good. If anything it will confirm if you need life long trt.

Let’s us know how it goes on clomid. May work on you since you are younger.

You need base lh and fsh labs B4 u start.

And should have base lines

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