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Low T Symptoms and Bloodwork. Advice?

Quick question and looking for some advice.
29 year old male and had some symptoms of low T - went to my Dr. and had tests run and I’m healthy as a horse in all categories besides my test levels

175 ng/dl

and free test is 7.9 pl/ml

all other levels are within normal ranges.

Im 6’1 around 300 lbs now. I stayed around 285 for years and within the last year have gained weight and cant lose it.

I train 3-4 times a week - usually a heavy lifter but I have not been making the progress in the gym like im used to. Ive changed up my diet and lifting regimen with no results. I have an appointment today to discuss TRT, and im just looking for some guidance.

so DO you recommend it?
what questions do I need to ask?

Given you are obese, I highly recommend you lose weight before jumping on TRT.

Also, get a full bloodwork panel done and post the results here.

Also in reference to my weight/ height - I’m a powerlifter, I don’t / didn’t have a whole lot of excess fat until I gained the 20-25lbs in the last few months or so. Large shoulders and small waist.

It was a combo of the other Low T side effects that had me looking into it. I haven’t lost much strength, however I’m not gaining as I know I should be given the workload. I’m an experienced lifter and know that something is off.

White Blood Count	7.80 THOU/uL 	 
Red Blood Count	5.48 MILL/uL 	 
Hemoglobin	16.3 g/dL 	 
Hematocrit	46.5 % 	 
Mean Corpuscular Volume	84.8 fL 	 
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin	29.8 pg 	 
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concent	35.2 g/dL 	 
Red Cell Distribution Width	13.5 % 	 
Platelet Count	233 THOU/uL 	 
Mean Platelet Volume	7.6 fL 	 
Neutrophils (%) (Auto)	55.6 % 	 
Lymphocytes (%) (Auto)	32.3 % 	 
Monocytes (%) (Auto)	8.6 % 	 
Eosinophils (%) (Auto)	2.8 % 	 
Absolute Basophils (auto)	0.7 % 	 
Neutrophils # (Auto)	4.40 THOU/uL 	 
Lymphocytes # (Auto)	2.50 THOU/uL 	 
Monocytes # (Auto)	0.70 THOU/uL 	 
Eosinophils # (Auto)	0.20 THOU/uL 	 
Basophils # (Auto)	0.10 THOU/uL 	 
Random Glucose	105 mg/dL 	 
Blood Urea Nitrogen	13 mg/dL 	 
Creatinine	1.11 mg/dL 	 
Estimated GFR (Non-African American	> 60  	 
Sodium Level	139 mmol/L 	 
Potassium Level	4.2 mmol/L 	 
Chloride Level	104 mmol/L 	 
Carbon Dioxide Level	28 mmol/L 	 
Anion Gap	7 mmol/L 	 
Calcium Level	9.2 mg/dL 	 
Total Protein	6.9 g/dL 	 
Albumin	4.4 g/dL 	 
Total Bilirubin	0.5 mg/dL 	 
Aspartate Amino Transf (AST/SGOT)	22 U/L 	 
Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT/SGPT)	42 IU/L 	 
Alkaline Phosphatase	65 IU/L 	 
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)	2.49 uIU/mL 	 
Prostate Specific Antigen Screen	0.4 ng/mL 	 
Testosterone Level	175 ng/dL  	L
Free Testosterone (Direct)	7.9 pg/mL  	L

Is this considered the full bloodwork panel you’re referring to?

While your testosterone levels are very low, every now and again a guy comes in here with really low T levels are no symptoms. Fat gain and the inability to lose weight can also be thyroid related, Free T3 the master thyroid hormone which increases metabolism, TSH and Free T4 do none of the heavy lifting.

TSH is a poor marker for thyroid status and isn’t a thyroid hormone, your GP is shortchanging you be not testing actual thyroid hormones. Most doctors still believe TSH in range is normal, the ranges are not normal and are compiled from sick people seeking help. We have seen guys with TSH <3.0 and their Free T3 abnormally low.

It would seem you are very sensitive to testosterone and speaks loudly about your CAG receptor repeats lengths, very sensitive to testosterone. If you do have low T, you wouldn’t need very high levels to see good results.

Would have been nice to see LH, this would be similar to TSH, a stimulating hormone, but not an actual hormone and would confirm if a strong signal is being sent to the testicles. I would like to know at what time of day these hormone panels were done and also your previous hormone panel, if beyond 10 a.m, return to go and do not collect 200 dollars.

I wouldn’t want this doctor managing my TRT or thyroid replacement, unless he/she is willing to learn.

CMP (you have it)
CBC (you have)
TSH (have it)
free T4
free T3
reverse T3
Total test (re run)
Free test (re run)
PSA (good)

Your T is very low. For reference, I’m 6’0. 270. Former Strongman and some Highland Games. I was as high as 300 when competing. I have a pretty good handle on where you are. I was below 300 test for years and competing, because I had no idea my test was low. Nobody said anything (doctors) and I didn’t know.
What you need to know are the things on Highpull’s list. The E2 (estradiol) and LH are probably the most important. My TSH sits where yours is. I was mostly asymptomatic, and I had another chronic condition and didn’t know it. I’m on TRT now, and I feel a lot better. My lifts are going up again and the bodyfat is starting to come off. Couldn’t get rid of it before, no matter how clean I ate or how much I lifted. Stuff got firmer almost immediately. I did bloat initially. You’re not going to lose the fat without fixing the test levels. All you’ll do is lose muscle and kill your metabolism.