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Low T Symptoms 8 Years After Skull Fracture

Hi everyone,
In need of some advice, 8 years ago now I had a fall at work from the the top of a roof when I was 17 And fractured my skull. I recovered fine all was well until 6 months down the line is when everything turned to hell, first came extreme fatigue were I was literally close to collapsing, extreme muscle fatique and complete lack of energy then came Ed with complete penile numbness and complete absent sex drive which was once racing.

Then 2 years of complete manic episodes and irritability with extreme panic attacks and hot flushes which was non existent before. Thankfully the depression and manic passed without the doctors trying to throw anti depressants at which they sure did try. But the problem now is I’m left with horrible brain fog every day, I still get irritable and get random mood swings. My sex drive is completely gone ever since, I can get an erection but can’t maintain them, I have complete numbness when having sex and mastibating, the fatigue is just on another level most days, trying to do anything after work is like carrying 10 horses on your back it’s just awful.

To get the point I’ve literally had every test , seen every endocrinologist I’ve had itt test done which all is supposedly normal, I keep my diet really good I’m 75 kg and from appearance I’m healthy. It got to point 4 years ago with loads of research I thought fuck it I’m going to try 40mg of testosterone Ethanate twice a week aS I have all the symptoms. 2 days later I felt great I wanted to do things, I started noticing woman again with after so long you don’t understand how good it felt .

My morning erections slowly started coming back but then after week 2 I felt awful again ! Got flushes we’re so intense ! And I just felt out of it. I went to the doctor with this information of how good the test made me feel but explained what happened with the hot flushes but no one wants to know ! I’m stressed I need a hoilday is the usual one! Anyway I’ve got some test results here I would really appreciate it if anyone could at least help me out here I’m not getting any better and it’s just Ruining my life testosterone total :27.6 nmol, calculated free:
0.5nmol, estradiol:148 pmol, LH 6 iu\l, FSH 6 iu/l

Appreciate it a lot if someone could help me . Craig

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Including the lab ranges on yhe labs would help in assessing what’s going on.

Are you still taking test?

My thinking is that you went through the honeymoon phase where you were still making some test along with the exogenous test from the injections. My thinking is that you need to bump your dose up maybe to 50 or 60mg twice a week to make up the difference. It still won’t feel the same but it should help and be careful about chasing that feeling you had the first 2 weeks.

Also keep in mind that with testosterone it takes it a while to build up in your system and when you make cchanges it can take a while for levels ro smooth out. Like 6 weeks or so, depending on which version yor using. So you have two be patient in evaluating how a particular dose will work.

I know it sucks but it’s just going to take a bit working with a good doctor to get you feeling well again. You may need to go find a trt doc to get yourself heard, a lot of “regular” docs just don’t work with this stuff enough to know what’s going on.

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There is the problem. If going with twice a week, take at least 60mg, maybe 70mg.

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You shutdown endogenous Test production, started to run on fumes, and now you’re crashing! So do what you have been advised to do. Add some more T, and dont change a thing for 12 weeks. Keep reading and try to become an expert at balancing your hormones. Hope you have what it takes to be thorough.

Um you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Every symptom you’ve mentioned is classic for that. Hopefully you are seeing a Neurologist and explaining what is going on because no matter what peds you throw at your body you may not be able to override your brain’s injury manifestations and compensation efforts. And you could always cause more damage to the endocrine and neuro systems. Just my thought, see a specialist.

Your dose is too low. 120mg should be something like a minimum where most people start to experiment and go lower only if proven needed

And my estradiol levels are borderline high , And recently within the year I’ve started experiencing bad joint pain everywhere , some mornings I can barley move my elbows, I just don’t know what’s going on

Hi there , I’ve seen every neurologist out there , and no joy, I have a scar on my puturity but that’s all they could find. And all my symptoms are hormone related and the puturity controls hormones so it would make sense, it’s not just as if I’ve not looked into every possible thing before this,I’ve seen doctor after doctor for 8 years and no one can help and trust me I’ve done some serious research about 1 million hours of it, unfortunately it’s just got to the stage were I think I’m going to have to help my self

Hi there really appreciate you replying, and the lab ranges are: testosterone : 8 - 29 nmol mine are 27.6, estradiol - 41-158 pmol mine are 147, SHBG 18-54 nmol mine are 44, free calculated test 0.2 -0.7 mine are 0.5.
I stopped taking the test after that 2 weeks 4 years ago because I didn’t wanna do any harm , and I’m waiting for a trt clinic to get back to me in the uk it’s just such hard work trying to get anything done I’ve seen private doctor and private doctor, also I wondered if my estradiol was the problem as I’ve heard they can become to high after a head injury

Yeah, I assumed you did all of this and it is actually all good and makes perfect sense. You’ve had a full neurological workup and ruled out any neurological issues or cognitive problems. You’ve ruled out so much, now you know. I guess it isn’t good, but it’s good in that you know the solution. The pituitary is damaged so you need to restore the appropriate hormones. This is not all that unusual or rare.

I’ve have a number of former military guys with cumulative head trauma. These guys have done some pretty bad stuff. I’ve heard about shoulder launched rockets which, upon landing 200-300 yards away, would explode with enough concussive force to knock them over. Do that often enough, and the brain will take a beating. The VA does not help much, PTSD diagnosis when it’s their testosterone, which they rarely address. Get them on test and bingo, problems solved.

Hope you find the help you need.,

Thankyou mate, appreciate it. I feel sorry for men who seriously need help but it’s just so hard to get in the uk that would explain the amount of male suicide. Something needs to change.
Any recommendations on a protocol that helped the military guys as that may be similar to what I would need ?

If have borderline high E add more T, and stop looking at your E. If you reply with another issue, and you havent bumped up your T, youre wasting everybody’s time. So start with that. And dont worry about your E, just get more T in you.

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I was just asking for advice as I haven’t even started t yet ? Thought it would be intelligent to get all the information I can ? But Thankyou

So you tried T? But you’re not on T? Well, thats just great. You shouldve done some homework before shutting yourself down. Get on T asap or stay off it. You dont just try it. Good that you’re asking later than never, Educate yourself more on TRT.

You cannot program everything in advance without getting the issues at hand fixed first. Get your mind off it, fix your t levels and then reassess

Most take 200mg once a week.