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Low T Question


Hey I'm new to the forum and I have a question about low t. I'm getting tested soon because I have all the typical symptoms of low t. No energy, memory loss, brain fog ect. I was wondering if dangerously low bodyweight is also a symptom of low t. I'm 20 years old 5'11" and I weight 107 lbs. Could low t be causing low body weight and appitite loss?


fish there are definitely more factors to look into in your case. At the clinic we look at all the external factors that may be affecting your hormone levels such as lifestyle, current stressors, hidden infections, mental and emotional trama, head trama, nutritional deficeincy and imbalnaces, ect before even thinking about putting a person that is that young on TRT. I have several people that have come to us under 25 and on TRT when further examined it was not the main issue but other factors that where affecting their testosterone production. Once these factors were identified. I had one guy 19 who t levels where 200 and his estrodial was high. After examining his diet he was drinking milk like it was water almost 3 gallons a week for few months then I found out that he was allergic to lactose. Father did not want him on TRT so he came to me and I probe further. After cutting the milk and replacing it with water and increasing vegetable intake (which was nill), vitamin D levels up to par. His testosterone went to over 680 and e2 was at 19, but dr's wanted him on TRT. This is just one of the many cases I have ran into and its pretty scary..


Ya originally I thought that it was due to anemia or kidney failure. They've given me multiple blood tests and urine and today a stool test. Tomorrow I'm also getting my chest x-rayed for tumors. So far all they have found is that I have blood in my urine. None of the doctors at the clinic I'm going to have any idea whats wrong with me. It's also frustrating because every time I've been there I was sent to a different doctor. I'm currently getting medical through the state so my options for clinics is very limited unless I pay out of pocket. The doctors at the clinic are unorganized and don't seem to know what they are doing. If I do go to another state sponsored clinic it will be a long drive for me and probably just as bad. What should I do?


I was to 30 different dr's until I found the right one..You may have to travel to get proper help. I may know that some one may be able to help you. You could have celiac or gluten intolerance which can be affecting your absorption of your nutritents resulting in your weight reduction. Again you need to have indept evaluation from a different approach..


Thank you for the reply. I saw a different doctor today. She suggested that I might have a stomach ulcer which would explain my symptoms and why I didn't test positive for anything. She put me on zantac and I'll soon be getting the results from my x-ray and stool test. On a side note, what can I do to get bigger if I don't have the energy to walk? I've tried mass gainers with little/no success. Is there something I could do that would give me the energy required to workout?


Main issue right not is to isolate cause. Dr's are barking up wrong tree most likely you could be suffering from hidden food allergies, candida, or major malabsorption due to gluten intolerancet. I was in your shoes could bare have energy to get out of bed, but persistance and patience paid off.

I lost over 80 lbs of muscle in 9 months due to hidden intestinal infection ripping my gut apart so I know what it is like to be in your shoes, but modern dr's will not dig to find out reason why so like I said there is help out there you just have to know where to find it i did. If I did not I be condemn to SSRI and QOL I would not deserve to even live. Zantac to shut your stomach acids down even more Brillant thinking as usual make your digestion worse.


That's a good point. This doctor seems to think that my problems are caused by stress and wants me to see a mental health professional. To me this sounds like a lame diagnosis for "we cant figure out whats wrong with you so will just make guesses based on nothing."

However, I have been diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder by many psychiatrists that I trust from many different backgrounds. It is possible that this physical symptoms could be from depression which sometimes manifests itself in a physical form without severe sadness. Less sunlight can have a significant effect on this. So, it makes sense because I just moved over by Seattle which is one of the cloudiest cities in the country.

I really just can't shake the thought that something is really wrong with my body so I don't want to just chalk it up to a mental problem.
I'll post my test results as soon as I get them.


Testosterone, thyroid , adrenal imbalance can cause neurological symptoms of depression ..scientifically validated.
Vitamin D levels are probably low.
Patients in sealtle i have seen are one of the lowest in the nation...


Ya, I've read that Seattle has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. I know they tested my thyroid and possibly my adrenals. I've got an appointment for July 7th so I'll ask for the results and post them. I also have been taking vitamin b12 but I'll start taking D and see if my symptoms improve. Recently, I've started have diarrhea in the morning. I'm not sure if its related but it could be.
I asked my most recent doctor to test my t levels but she said that since I'm unwell they would be low no matter what. I still think they should have let me do the test because more information can't hurt.


Just by correting vitamin D levels I have corrected peoples testosteorne and thyroid. Again this was individual specific. Vitamin D helps response to LH to work better.


Thats good to know. I've started taking vitamen D supplements over the last few days. How long would it take for a person's body to responed to increased vitamen D?


When taking vitamin D you need to take 800 mgs calcium citrate with 600 mgs of magnesium citrate because if you do not vitamin D will pull calcium from the bone if it does not get it from food or supplementation. Broccolli is one of the highest natural sources or I use green vibrance which is a super greens with high bioavailable calcium. Do not think you will get it through milk because that is calcium casein which is aborb may be 10-15% if you are luck and can break it down. Human are the only animal on earth that drinks from another source rather then there own. Plus milk is loaded in hormones and can cause testosteorne suppression as I have seen in many young guys. Once correct hormones restabilize. I would get a starting level for vitamin D so you know but I can guess you <20 from my clincal expereience. I use biotics research vitamin D forte because for some reason pills may not get absorbed properly but this one is emusified form making it much more available to the body.


Well after 3 blood tests, 2 piss tests, a stool test, and a ct scan the doctors still cant find anything wrong with me. I've been taking a lot of vitimans, and I've been put on megestrol (appitite stimulant) and zantac (acid reducer for ulcers). I continued feeling sick until I came back to spokane. Over here I've been feeling a lot better. This is probably due to the sunlight but vitamen D just isn't helping me over in seattle. There just isn't enough sun. This is probably due to my bipolar disorder so I've going to see a counsoler soon to see if I can find an effective medication. However, I'm still only 110 lbs even with my increased appitite. I've tried working out and whey protien and DHEA. I'm having absolutely no success. I tried androgel for three days while working out and the results seemed to be an immediate improvement in size and confidence and lifting ability. I really want to get prescibed androgel because I cant live the way I currently am. My doctor wont even test my testosterone levels to see what its at. I'm thinking that I might just go to a life extension clinic and pay out of pocket because this seems like the only way.

Do you guys have any advice for someone in my situation?


Take a trip to oregon to see Dr Allison Mccallister, Her and I have been in contact for over several months and if there is something out of balance she will find it. She specializes in gut issues and will focus on that area plus she is very well adverse in male hormones as well. If she has an issue we both can consult on your case.

In your condition last thing you want is an idiots life extension dr because they will not get to root of your cause and end up making you worse in the long run. Taking supplments are worthless if you can no absorb them in the first place from malabsorption of stomach acid which are probably low in the first place.


You can get a decent male panel done out of pocket via LEF.org, become a member and the saving on the panel is significant.

You need consider that some of your problems may be side effects of your meds.

Is there anything extreme or unusual about your diet?
Iodized salt?
Fish oil and other EFAs?
Food allergies? What foods make you feel unwell?
Low fat?
What supplements?
Auto immune diseases? -low T makes these worse?
What do you eat and how much?

Drugs that lower stomach acid can create absorption problems for B-12, affecting your ability to respond to oral B-12 supplements.


KSman, You've been extemely helpful in this forum. I go see my doctor tomorrow and am bringing your stickied post with me. I have a question for you and this may just be media exaggeration but I'd like to know one way or another. It seems that since I've been on TRT I've been more injury prone than ever; I've ruptured a pectoral (MRI results Tue), strained a calf muscle, and did something to my upper abdominals today and this is all within a month. I've been following a dynamic stretching pre-workout routine and I do warm-up sets so I don't think that's the issue. I remember reading at one point that people using steroids are more prone to soft tissue injuries. Is that true, partially true, or just plain bull and I need to stretch more?


How long on TRT and how long training on TRT?

Part of strength training is conditioning the nerves to make intense demands on the muscles and TRT helps that a lot. TRT also allows the muscles to be get stronger. Your nerve conditioning may have got ahead of your muscle response. The muscles are not strong enough to resist the forces that they create. I do not know what you can do about that, but less intense training should prevent more injuries and perhaps diet and training can make the muscles tougher.

And there is the issue of connective tissue, perhaps the connective tissue integration to the muscles is too small. Connective tissue is slow to develop and I do not know anything about the training aspects of that. I think that the real issue needs to be addressed in one of the other forums. Diet may play into this too.


I've been on TRT since Novemeber 2009 but my protocol / treatment has really just stabilized since April.

I just started weight training again at the end of May but up to that point I've been doing more of a military style regiment (push-ups, chin-ups, situps, jogging) and some other body weight conditioning. It's not like I was out-of-shape when I started back to the gym but definitely using the muscles differently.


Thanks for the help guys. I haven't posted in a while but I just recently got my hormones checked with a blood test. As it turns out, I actually do have fairly low testosterone levels. Mines at 395. My doctor has prescribed me bi-weekly injections of testosterone cypionate. I start tomorrow. Have any of you received this treatment? If you have what were the effects (long and short term)?


yeah biweekly shots are a bad idea...

please read the stickies and some of the other threads/stories here.