Low T Problems

Im 23 and i started experimenting with steroids when i was 18… Ive been peroidicaly getting my testosterone levels check for 1.5 years while being all natural… my levels are always in the ranges of 4.4-8.8 nnmol which is extremely low. Has anyone my age experienced this kind of thing? and what did you ?

should i try and get healthy or is it too late and should i just jump on test? also its hard to find legit test… thanks in advance for any replies or comments… I must say this has been quite stressful to deal with being a young person whose supposed to be enjoying high testosterone

There are many guys here who are your age. Perhaps because web aware guys find their way here and exaggerate the apparent frequency of these problems in you males.

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You might have caused this problem by doing gear. What were you doing for PCT?

Labs that are useful:
fasting cholesterol

Please post your lab work in list format with ranges.

Where are you located? - so we have an idea about what your medical options are…

The goal for your age group is not TRT, but finding a correctable cause that can be fixed.

Well I didn’t do a PCT, I was dumb and uneducated… I figured since so much time has passed a PCT would serve no purpose anyways at this point. I went in for bloods today to get all those values for you. thanks for the reply and I will update this thread with my blood information as soon as I receive it.

There is a HPTA restart sticky that you can look at for ideas.

Doc appointment on Tuesday! will update then

Sorry for double posting but when I do infact go to my appointment should I confess to my doctor that I was previously using gear?

Normally I wouldn’t tell him but I told a different doctor last year that I used gear and im wondering if I lie to this doctor will it bite me in the ass?

How long ago was the gear?

Roughly 18 months ago