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Low T Post-Prostatectomy

I am 53 now. Had RP for prostate Ca 15+ months ago. My Erectile function recovery post prostatectomy was not going anywhere. Was not even start at 14 months. I was still on ground zero where I was after waking up from surgery. I tried Cialis, viagra, VED, injections TRIMIX and BIMIX for my penile rehabilitation. Injections only worked giving me erections but nothing spontaneous, no slightest sign of life in my penis. At my 14 months follow up with my urologist I told him how I feel, no energy, no libido, waking up more tired in the morning then going to bed, no motivation to go to gym, basically I was dragging my self all day long, problem to concentrate at work, brain fogg, forgetfulness etc. He recommends checking Testosterone levels.
Here are the results: T 217 (280 -1070)
SHBG 21.5 (11.2- 78.1)
Free T 5.24 (4.6 - 24.4)
He started me on Clomiphene 50 mg EOD on February 13.
Now, 3 weeks of starting Clomiphene, I would say I experienced signs of small improvement, a bit of more energy and less tired.
I hope it will keep moving in positive direction.
After 2 months he want to recheck labs.
Would like to here if anyone with same experience. I know this forum is for young guys but someone might have some experience with Clomiphene.

This forum is for anybody that is experiencing low T. Usually its us old guys. More rare for a younger man.

I would say that whatever happens you need to educate yourself, it is very likely that your Dr. is limited on his knowledge of TRT.

Start here: About the T Replacement Category

It’s pointless to have a 53 year old guy on clomid, the odds of a successful restart under 30 is rare and unheard of after age 50. It isn’t even considered at this age, quite ridiculous. When you start TRT you will need injections EOD since injecting T will lower your SHBG making you a low SHBG guy.

Thank you both for your response.
As a prostate Ca survivor, it would be risky for me to go on TRT according to my urologist. He mentioned he feels safe to put me on Clomiphene because Clomiphene will make my testicles to produce endogenous testosterone which is different from synthetic one.
It would be good to hear from other prostate Ca survivors if they had any experience with low T and how it was treated?
I see quite good explanations from experienced guys on this forum.
Hopefully, someone will chime in with good though so I could present something to my urologist.

Forget to mention, at age 47 my TT was 591.
Comparing how I felt at that time and how I feel now, it’s like day and night.