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Low T, Or adrenal fatigue ? (REPOST WITH BLOOD RESULTS)

hey guys , first post . Ive read through some of the stickies , i haven’t gotten blood work from a dr yet or had the chance to check temperatures but basically this is whats up .

I haven’t felt the same in about 2 years now , for long periods of time i went on a low caloric restriction to get lean . I still wasn’t as lean as i wanted to be (skinny fat) and i lost 30 pounds of fat , i still have a gut , but i lowered my calories even more thinking that i was stalling out on weight loss , and upped my training to 6 days a week as a natural ( i was dumb)( i was also experiencing black vision during certain times kind of like a hypertension) , i was also dealing with stressful personal issues at the time .

It started with one day i felt extremely lethargic while going up a flight of stairs, i brushed it off but knew something was wrong , then i started feeling not lethargic but fatigued more, i do have days that feel like i dont have the energy to do many things , i get fatigued after certain things that i shouldn’t , i’ve also had erection problems , which rarely happen and when they do they are weak, i also feel more “beat up” in general and just not healthy , sometimes it feels like my bones or joints hurt a lot , i’m experiencing almost all symptoms of low testosterone and i’m almost 23 .

I upped my calories to maintenance and slowly raised them to healthy levels , which i’ve been doing for a year , and i still don’t feel the same , i have the same issues, i now weight train full body 3 times a week . I feel very weak , i am very rarely interested in having sex with my girlfriend , so libido is pretty shot , when the time comes to get into it with her i feel like i cant nor do i get excited at all to perform . I DO eat enough fats. I also have chronic anxiety , and months ago i lost all motivation to train, and motivation/drive for most things in general, i started getting into the gym again after i took 3 months off .

I know thyroid problems are closely related to testosterone issues , but i’m really trying to figure out whats wrong with me . I felt WAY better years ago . I will be getting bloodwork soon at my dr’s but i have no idea what to ask for in terms of what to get tested for in my bloodwork . I would greatly appreciate any useful information .

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