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Low T of 197 - Dosage Rate?


Hey guys, newbie here. Just had a couple questions. Recently been diagnosed with Low T (T score was 197). Im guessing thats total T? I dont have my lab sheet with me so I will have to look up other numbers if needed. doc said all other numbers looked really really good. My triglycerides were slightly high and blood pressure was high. Im currently taking BP meds to bring that down. Im 49 years old and quite frankly have felt like Sh!t for 2 years. I have been on TRT now for 4 weeks.

My current dosage rate is 1cc of 200mg Test Cypionate per week.

My question is would I be better of pinning a 1/2cc twice per week, or continue the 1cc per week?. Or can I up the dose to 1.5cc per week?

My guess is the doc will change my dosage once I go back in a month to have blood work re-done? I am a workout fanatic. I gym it at least 4 times a week, 5 most weeks. My diet has been spot on now for two months. I am down about 12 lbs from starting weight. I really want to take as much advantage of the TRT therapy as I can right now. So, any other advice or supplement info is appreciated. Thanks.


Yes, twice a week. With 200mg T per week you will have E2 problems.

Please get and post labs with ranges.
Not good enough that doc says really good.

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Do you use iodized salt - or are you iodine deficient?
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