Low T, Normal LH/FSH/Prolactin Level, Dr Wants MRI Done

Hello, I like to what others think about my lab result. I just got my blood test results in, and the DR(endocrinologist) wants an MRI to rule out pituitary gland tumor. I’m no doctor but with the low prolactin level, I’m not sure why MRI is necessary.

FSH 8.9
LH 4.2
T4 1.2
Prolactin 6.5
Total T 220 Free T 10.1 SHBG 17.5

I think that’s all he ordered. I know it’s nice to rule out any pituitary gland abnormalities, but for personal reasons, I’m really hesitant to get one done. I personally was looking for clomid and/or HCG options. What do you guys think?

Your FSH and LH look pretty good, but your T level isn’t. That usually indicates primary hypogonadism. HCG + injecting T might be the way to go.

Primary hypogonadism? Not the secondary? I thought my LH/FSH levels suggest secondary hypogonadism since they are in the “normal” range.

Secondary means your pituitary isn’t putting out LH/FSH. Yours seems to be. So why is your T low? Seems that your testicles aren’t responding to the signal, therefore primary.

I’d also like to see your E2 numbers, elevated E2 can supress T, though you would usually see low LH/FSH also.