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Low T, Low SHBG, High E2, Horrible ED Problem, PDE5 Not Helping

Hi there
I am a new user, 33 yr old. I have suffered from ED since 10 years ago and things are getting worse in recent years. I have problem with achieving erection and BIG problem when try to maintain an erection without physical stimulation. Tried 20mg cialis no effectiveness. 100mg viagra worked great but after 2 month it completely lost effectiveness. Today I took 200mg viagra tried to masterbate and no erection happened!

I don’t get morning woods very offen but I do wake up frequently during midnight and I realized I got hard erections regularly (80-90% hardness). However my erection would fade quickly once I realize it is there. The only way I can maintain my night erection is by doing kegel. I can last my erection for 30 mins if I keep doing kegel.

Besides ED problem, I also experienced unexplainable fatigue (feel tired after 10 hrs sleeping), low sex drive, low motivation, gyno, testes ache and excessive sweating. Those symptoms occured since high school. And I never got any nocturnal emission since my birth which is absolutely strange.

I am 6" tall and 170lbs weight. BMI around 24. No smoking or drinking. I eat healthy diet.

My blood test results:
Test done by 2021/3

Total Testosterone: 9.92 nmol/L (6.07-27.10) quite low for my age
E2: 218 pmol/L (73.4-172.4) High
Prolactin: 222.65 mIU/L (55.9-278.4)
SHBG: 11.9 nmol/L (18.3-54.1) Low
TSH: 1.48 uIU/mL (0.27-4.2)
free T3: 4.40 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

And I started to get thining hair and loss some hair in recent years. I have a lot acne all over my back skin. Can those be connected to any hormone issues?

Besides T and E2, how is my thyroid function? Does it look normal? Can anyone please help to interpret my lab result? I do appreciate that!

The low-T and higher E2 can affect erectile quality/libido in some men, it’s really estrogen dominance. A women has lower testosterone and higher estrogen and a man higher testosterone and lower estrogen.

My E2 is higher than some of my female friends. And I have man boobs and soft testicle. However I took anastrozole 0.5mg everyday and after that viagra stopped working. And I just cannot get hard at all so I quit anastrozole after 2 weeks attempt.

That happened because anastrozole is very powerful and probably dropped your E2 very low and this would affect your ability to get an erection and therefore the viagra can’t work when hormones are out of whack.

I’ll bet and forgot to ask this question, but not at all surprised. Hormornal in-balances afterall is what causes manboobs (gyno) in the first place. Higher testotserone should get rid of those manboobs provided your T:E2 ratios are improved.

The AI dosage of .5mg is usually way too much for a man, .125 is more appropriate to start out if one is needed.

Hi systemlord
Yes I feel regret to overdose and screwed up my hormone. However I have been away from AIs for 1.5 month now still cannot get spontaneous erection and cannot regain my response to viagra.

I know you dont drink, but go get a sixpack of beer and get your Estrogen back up. Estrogen is good for you and your erection. As for T levels, only way is to get on TRT. If you do get back on TRT… dont ever touch an AI.