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Low T, Low LH & FSH, High Glucose

I was on Pharm Test C for TRT for a year & off and on UGL Test E for the past year. However, I recently used some UGL Test E & had some really bad pip, which I believe to be not normal for low trt doses. I have also noticed the past month or so I was low energy, so I figured I have been pinning bunk gear. So, I went and got tested & results are:

tt: 196 low
e2: 14.1 normal
lh: 0.3 Low
fsh: <0.2 Low
glucose: 100 high

**the “low” or “high” are according to LabCorp’s thresholds.

I quit taking the bunk gear & ordered some new UGL gear from a different source. So far no pip, so this is better than the last batch. I know pharm gear is best, but I lost some income and can’t afford $400 for 10ml of Pharm Test C (which is what my trt doc sells it for) + $230 for 23 pins of HCG. So, I have went on UGL gear for the time being & have been off of the HCG for about 2 mo’s. I feel fine except getting tired more cuz the low t setting in. Now, I’m a bit concerned about the LH, FSH & glucose levels. LabCorp says glucose threshold is 65-99, but I’ve seen posts on here about the high end being 140. Also, labs were done in the morning, about an hour after eating breakfast (ate at 9am, labs at 10:30am), so not sure if I should be concerned about glucose or not. My questions are:

  1. are there any health risks I should be concerned about with LH & FSH levels so low?
  2. is 100 glucose in morning ok?
  3. how long should I wait for next labs? I was thinking about doing a double dose 200mg this week to jumpstart my T & testing again a week after that…or should I wait a full month?
  4. are there any health risks or issues that could come about from HCG use 250iu 2x/wk?
  5. I’ve been getting lab’s through online lab companies & saving $ in the process, is there any way to get pharm Test C this way?

age: 36
height: 6ft
weight: 179 (12% body fat)
exercise: 4-6 days/week for the past year (went from 20%bf to 10% at lowest point)
diet: 7 out of 10 (eat clean & try to eat high protein most of the time)
mri 10 years ago revealing pituitary tumor, pre-trt TT: 440

The body is incredibly complicated & I’m still trying to figure all this shit out.

Were you taking any other gear that is HPTA repressive. At this point your pituitary is not producing and perhaps because your hypothalamus sees something repressive. Anything that might mess with your prolactin levels? How long after stopping bunk and doing labs? Maybe the bunk had something active in it.

What is pip? - post injection pain? Pharma T does not do that.

Glucose should be in AM after fasting. So your ‘100’ after eating seems very good. Do it right next time and don’t panic.

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If you had a script in hand from doc, things would be quite cheaper.

Don’t think it had anything in it, if it did, it wasn’t Test. Yes PIP is post injection pain. I know Pharma T usually has no pip, but didn’t have the $400 doc wanted for pharm grade cyp. It was basically a week off of the bunk gear when I got my labs done because I noticed lowT symptoms, which shouldn’t have been there if the gear was legit. It was kind of like an unintentional re-start. Are there any side affects of being on HCG long term? I think the HCG will bring up my LH/FSH to normal ranges & keep my nuts from shrinking. So, what your saying is to go to a family doc & not TRT doc & it will be cheaper? I will definitely read those posts you mentioned. Thanks KSman!

Finding any doc that does TRT right is difficult. T cyp at a pharmacy is not expensive. Your doc is greedy.

hCG is a natural human peptide hormone and its active lobe if functionally identical to HCG. I do not think that there are any negatives. I have used for 10 years as part of T+AI+hCG