Low T, Low FSH, Low LH - What Does It All Mean?

Hey now… just wondering what this all means?

My Low T was Low - 193 when I think it’s supposed to be around 650 for my age (42).

  • Taking 50mg of Cyp every 3 days. Started 2 weeks ago. Not noticing too much of a difference yet. Maybe a little bit more energy. No real positive mental effects at this point though. Getting to the gym about 4 times per week.

My FSH and LH are low - what does this mean? I’m supposed to be seeing an Endo soon but that could take many weeks here in Canada.

FSH - 0.3 IU / L RANGE (1-8)
LH - 0.1 IU / L RANGE (1 - 7)

So I know that Low T can cause a host of physical and mental symptoms which is why I’m all in because I’m definitely suffering from both at this point. However, can low FSH and LH also contribute to mental challenges (ie. Depression / Anxiety)?

Any insights are always appreciated and welcome.

Thank you for your help,

LH/FSH are used to regulate testicular function as part of a feedback system. When you increase T [and E2], LH/FSH decrease. With TRT, LH/FSH–>zero as expected. Testing LH/FSH repeatedly while on TRT suggests that a doctor is clueless and perhaps an idiot.

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