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Low T, Low FSH, Low LH. Advice?

Hey guys, i was wondering if i could get some advice and help.

I’m 25 and have felt exhausted/awful for what feels like forever so I did an online blood test to see if my hormones where the problem and my testosterone came back at 7.5nmol/l so I booked an appointment at the Drs and have had 2 lots of bloods taken.

Testosterone 6 8.5-30
Lh 3 1-10
FSH <1 1-13
SHGB 17 17-66
TSH 1.72 0.30-4.2
Free T3 6.1 3.1-6.8
Free T4 17.5 11-22
Prolactin 250 80-330

Second labs
Testosterone. 5.6
Liver/kidneys/blood all normal and within range.

I have a referral to an endocrinologist next month and made my Dr get me an MRI booked in for next week. From what I’ve researched it’s likely a damaged pituatry or a tumor but any advice on my bloods would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any experience with the NHS endocrinologists I’d love to know what to expect. Also any advice on what treatment I should aim for would be good. I’m going to ask for enanthate but doubt I’ll get it so my goal is 125mg sustanon weekly that gives me wiggle room to get my dose right if they are a pain in the arse. I have zero interest in fertility so think testosterone is a better option than HCG/Clomid.

My experience is men complaining about how useless the NHS is for TRT, most doctors will outright refuse to prescribe TRT to someone young. You may have to go to a private clinic for TRT, the NHS just doesn’t have knowledgeable TRT doctors, most do not even know how to properly diagnose of testosterone deficiency.

The NHS is notorious for not testing Free T, the free portion of testosterone that interacts with all your tissues. The UK guidelines clearly state men with <12 nmol/L are qualified for TRT, but most doctors do not follow guidelines do to a personal bias, the medical community is very negative in regards to TRT.

As far as protocols for TRT, based on your low SHBG, two 50mg sustanon injections per week, or enanthate (is best choice) 12mg daily or 25mg EOD. TRT will lower SHBG and low SHBG men do well on daily and EOD protocols. You want to be using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes for your injections.

Do not expect your doctor to know anything about TRT, endo’s specialize in thyroid and diabetes and not TRT. Truth is there is no doctor in modern medicine that specialize in TRT, they are a few doctors in anti-aging who do and these are usually private practices.

The NHS is a nightmare for TRT.

I’ve seen lots of complaints as well which has me worried and I definitely feel like I’ve held the doctor’s hand so far asking for a referral and an MRI. I’m certain I would have just been given antidepressants if I hadn’t done the hormone test online.

Sadly I can’t afford to go private so I’m stuck with the NHS, I’ve read the guidelines and plan to take them with me but I agree that because of my age it’s going to be a uphill battle. But hopefully if I go with as much information as I can it’ll help a lot.

Hopefully I get sustanon weekly at least so I can split it up, I plan to inject subq as it seems way better from what I’ve read. I have some blood graphs showing the swings of less frequent injections as some back up as I’ve heard people being prescibed some awful protocols.


Do not give up, go from doctor doctor if you have to, however long it takes.