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Low T, Low DHT, High Prolactin

Hey guys I need help I have recently lab test :
Testesteron total: 418 Ng 264-916
Free testesteron. :16. PG 6.8-21.5
Dht. : 32
T4. :1.37 ng 0.82-1.77
Tsh. : 2.49.uiu. O.45-4.50
Prolactin. : 38. Pg. 4.0-15.2
E2. : 24.4 pg. 8.0-35.0
Triiodothyronine. : 3.4. Pg. 2.0 -4.4
Another test result
Testesteron. :364
Free testesteron :9
Prolactin. : 27 (still high)
Shbg. : 28.5 nmol range 16.5-55.9
Tsh. : 1.280 uiu(different other test)
T4. : 6.9
T3. : 29
I have low t septoms low libido same kind of ed sleep lock my libido changes in minutes for no reason what do you recommend clomid I think best way to higher t level and use dostinex helps reduce I dont want stuck at trt all my life please any advice

A restart demands that you be young, under 30. As you age a restart become more unlikely, what’s your age? SHBG is excellent, should you start TRT it’s at a level that will benefit you unlike having high or low SHBG. TSH is getting a little high, you need TSH closer to 1.0. Has your doctor taken any action to address your high prolactin or low testosterone? Morning and afternoon body temperatures are best at determining thyroid problems. Ranges for T3 and T4 please.

Yes, get on Cabergoline at 0.5mg 2x week. That should help you feel better. That prolactin is way too high and can cause prolactin induced gyno too.

Good luck finding it w/o a script tho

Hey guy thanks for asking first I do not have that much money to spend doctors I am being my own doc. I had recently blood test
Lh 5 range 1.7-8.6
Fish 4.9 range 1.5-12.9
İt showed I am ok with these do you think clomid is good for me w. Normal range of lh and FSH