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Low T levels

Good day forum… Long story short… I used prohormone at age 27 and 28 and never did it again. 4 weeks after use i got blood work done and my total testosterone level was 330…

Fast forward 3 years to now age 30 and no use of PH or AS… got some blood work done last week and my testosterone level is 386.

I know this is low for 30 years old…i mean i work out and do cardio…

So… Is tribulus and tongkat ali next or do i need some real synthetic testosterone for optimal levels.

Lab work… <------ Testosterone Serum 386
Free Testosterone (Direct) 9.9

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Ok…I have went back to the stickies… I am now going to purchase vitamin D and iodine with the suggested dosages.

Now… my question is…should vitamin d and iodine be cycled or can i take it daily?

Vitamin D is for the long term. I am not as crazy about iodine as some people are, but in low doses ok for the long term as well.