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Low T Levels Without Symptoms


Is it possible to have low T levels, but not have symptoms like lethargy, decreased libido, etc?

I told my doctor that I've been fatigued and my sex drive was down and he agreed to have my T levels checked. In truth, I haven't had any problems with either of those things.

I've got an appointment tomorrow to have the blood work. Not sure how to explain if my T levels aren't low, since I lied to him about the fatigue / libido.

I've always been skinny and I'm 160 lbs. at 5'11". I've only been lifting and eating big for a few weeks. I've always had trouble putting weight on, but I'm not experiencing any of the other signs of low T levels.


I have similar problems, but i just assumed that it was because i'd cut down on lifting for a while...are you lifting heavy at the moment?


It is possible.
If you wanted to trick the test, Cy wrote an article about it a while back.
You can eat mostly protein (low carb/low fat) for a couple days and drink a few shots a night. And also a couple before the test and it should lower.

It worked and I didn't do it as long as he said
I ate only protein and very little of that for like 2days and drank only very little and my test levels were in the 200's so my doc gave me a choice of cyp or androgel.

The article is by Cy Willson and called
Your Doctor, Your Dealer


Yeah. I'm lifting heavy weight for 3 - 6 reps.

It's too late to change my diet. I'm going in tomorrow morning for the bloodwork. I don't normally drink, but I'm going to get a few beers for tonight and tomorrow morning before the test.



Well, I did my bloodwork this morning. Does anyone have any idea how long it usually takes to get the results back?

The one thing I have going for me is that I seem to have found a very open-minded doctor. When I asked him what kind of HRT he recommended in the event that my levels come back low, he replied "Well, what do you want? I can give you injections, orals, gels, or patches. Just let me know what you prefer."

What do you guys recommend as the most effective method?


4-5 days max


OH, IM IMO. But man I wouldnt get into HRT unless you are ready to fdo it for LIFE and need it.
Just my take


My doctor just called me with the test results. He said my T is 605 which he called mid-range normal.

He said he isn't opposed to using HRT to get me closer to the 900 range, but didn't want to jump straight into it.

I'm sick with flu symptoms / synus trouble right now. So he told me to take the time that I'm recovering from think about it and decide what I want to do.


Another thing to consider is that the blood tested is outdated methodology for measuring free testosterone. You could have normal numbers but your testosternone is bound and hence not as effective in your blood stream. Congrats on finding a doctor who is open minded!


Thats not a bad baseline T level to have. I would personally wait awile before making a lifetime committment to HRT.

I think you would be perfect for Alpha Male.


Unless your SHBG is off the charts, you don't even need to be thinking about HRT right now. 605 isn't low at all.


Thanks, guys. I don't want to use HRT if I don't need it.

I've heard of Alpha Male, but don't know much about it. Has anyone here actually used it and had recorded success (like tested T levels that were higher)?


you should give it a shot. One guy had a 25 percent increase in T-levels.

Since you know your pre existing t levels, go on it for 8 weeks and get retested. We would all be curious to know how ya did.


Check it out http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=582512


i think im missing the point of this...if you arent feeling fatigued and your sex drive is cool- what symptoms of low T levels are you having that you would even think to ask a doctor about your T levels? and then if you are concerned about something thats going on with your body why would you go to your doctor and lie to him in an attempt to diagnose yourself?

forgive me if im way off, but what im getting from this post is that you are trying to get your hands on some sort of T injections/gel or whatever to aid in your muscle building quest. i really hope theres something that i missed, and if so im very sorry and i mean no offense.

if theres not something i missed then what i see is a dude thats 5'11" 160 = skinny to use your own words, and you have been lifting and eating big for a couple of weeks and are frustrated to not be gaining weight. give me a f'in break. i "ate big and lifted heavy" for like a year and a half and didnt break past 175lbs at 5'9". then i got my head out of my ass, really lifted heavy and ate big and put on 15lbs in less than a month.

chances are youre not eating at big as you think you are. its simple science- you take in more energy than you put out and you gain weight. there are very few people in this world which such rare conditions of which their bodies dont do the same things with the calories and such, but from what im getting youre not one of them, or else you would certainly know that by now and would have posted that.

DUDE- you registered at T-Nation two weeks ago and already youre trying to find some way to jack up your T. that really is appauling. i dont/havent/wouldnt use roids, but i certainly know people that have. i dont recommend it but i dont talk shit about people that do, but for some reason i have far more respect for someone that says yea im going to use roids, im already huge and have done my research etc- but to go to the f'in doctors and attempt to trick him into giving you T? thats BS.

and by the way, either you found the idiot that made it through med school, or you found an asshole that isnt concerned about the oath he took, because unless you found that idiot, you didnt fool him, he knew exactly what was going on, which is why its even more appauling to me that he said hed give you the T. from now on why dont you just skip going to the docs office and meet in some alley somewhere.


I was going to make a post similar to yours but was fairly overwhelmed by the responses as if he was on the right track. Not gaining weight is not justification for testosterone replacement. This sounds like the average newbie who doesn't put in enough effort to see progress...yet everyone in this thread misses this and tries to tell him how to beat a blood test so he can get HRT that he doesn't need?

If some newbie had asked this same question without referencing HRT but instead mentioned random anabolics, everyone would have told him to put his efforts towards the gym. I don't understand what made this thread different.


You're partially right and partially wrong.

Here's the deal. I've always been skinny and I wanted to get my T levels checked. I did lie to my doctor (not something I'm proud of) in order to get my levels checked, NOT to get T. From things I've read, I was under the impression that he wouldn't test me if I didn't have symptoms that warranted it. Whether he would have or not, I don't know but that's the impression I got. Yes, I now realize that was idiotic.

I am eating over 3000+ calories a day (lots of potatos/rice/pasta & steak/chicken/tuna). I just started to keep a detailed log of my calories / protein / fat / carbs about a week ago (though I've been eating the same way for 3 weeks or so now). So I know I'm eating enough of the right stuff.

On 10/23/05, I weighed 149. Last Sunday (11/13/05), I was up to 161. My measurements have all gone up except for my waist, which is the same as it was when I started 3 weeks ago. I gained 1" on my chest/back and 1/2" on my arms; all cold measurements.

I'm averaging about 3 lbs / week and I'm happy with that.

I have no interest in roids or getting T if I don't need it. That's why I asked about Alpha Male above and said I was going to forgo HRT.

When I decided to get my T levels checked, it was based on my own uninformed guess that my T levels were low. With the doctor telling me that I'm at 605 and everyone here agreeing that that's a good level, I don't want HRT.

Hell, my goal weight is 170 - 180. So, it's not like I'm trying to get huge immediately. I'm happy with gaining 2 - 3 lbs. a week. I just (wrongly) assumed that my T levels were low and wanted to get them checked. If they HAD BEEN low, then I'd have probably opted for the HRT.

I'm not offended by anything you said, because I understand that I'm extremely new to weight training / health and I realize that.



im certainly glad you took no offense to anything i said, because i usually am not out to offend anyone...the people that are constantly posting BS and whining about not getting huge eating two lean cuisines a day have caught me once or twice...anyway, your post seriously pissed me off to the point where i almost slapped myself just because i couldnt slap you. 12lbs in ~20 days is good man- real good!

so dont worry about your T-levels and f'uck- apparently you should keep doing what you are doing. adjust the cals a little bit to compensate for that added 12+ lbs, but otherwise keep at it. we can forgive mistakes here- and trust me, even getting it in your head that you might need a T boost at this point was a mistake, so just leave that T where it is, a 12lb mass gain in 20 days seems like T is just fine.

Christ-now im going to have to go kick my own ass just because i cant get ahold of all the jackasses that gave "helpful" advice on how to fake a low T level for that test or in any way supported what would basically be getting roids from a doctor. i think even those greatly opposed to juicing would consider that a slap in the face to steroids.