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Low T-Levels, Up to Normal, Back to Low...


About 6 months ago, I came off HRT for Testosterone. I had been receiving treatment for around 3 years, beginning with self-application of gel and then moving onto a highly concentrated Testosterone injection, which I received every couple of months. At the beginning of this process I was in the grip of full-blown anorexia, but by the end I had gained around 40lbs and had managed to get my issues much more under control; my Test levels had also increased from what was (as the endocrinologist described) "next to nothing", to around 17nmol/l (normal ranges being 9 to 37nmol/l.) It was suggested I come off treatment to see how my body responded, with the hope that things would remain 'normal'.

This week marked 6 months since coming off HRT, but my latest bloodwork showed my Test levels had again dropped to 5nmol/l. I had lost a bit of weight during this time (due to illness) but have gained most of it back, maintaining a good diet and ensuring I consumed sufficient amounts of fats (to try and maintain my Test levels.) I didn't even notice a real difference in how I felt or functioned throughout the day, despite indications that my levels had decreased. Is there are reason as to why there has been such a drastic drop? I've had MRI scans of my pituitary which gave indication of a benign cyst (but doctors told me it would have no effect of the functioning of the gland) and everything down below is working fine, so I'm at a loss as to what to do... I'm trying to continue putting on weight, but I know a low supply of Test is going to make this more and more difficult.

Appreciate any help or advice; I'm feeling pretty down that after so long to get to 'normal', things just started heading back to square one, and I have no explanation as to why. I read in the sticky regarding things that cause low test that anorexia is one of many factors which can contribute, so I can understand why INITIALLY things took a dive, but why after dealing with the issue do they still remain unable to maintain level that they should be?


Can you post all of your current lab data? Hopefully it included LH, FSH and E2


FSH- 1.2u/L (Ref. Range 1.5 - 9.0)
LH- 04U/L (Ref. Range 1.5 - 8.0)
Total Prolactin- 137mU/L (Ref. Range <400 - Unstressed)

That's all the data I received back from my latest bloodwork.


I know I can't provide a great deal of information to request help back from, but if there's anything anyone can suggest, or anyone with advice to give, I'd hugely appreciate it...


have you read the stickies?

the reason I ask is that you are complaining about monthly shots not working when we tell everyone that weekly shots cause too much fluctuation... so if weekly shots are bad, what do you think monthly shots will do?

can you get more tests like TSH, Estradiol, D25-OH, etc. all from the blood test sticky?

HRT is lifelong, stopping is not really an option. you were just on a bad treatment plan and have a good chance of feeling better IF you...
1) get the right blood tests to determine what is wrong with you
2) get on the right treatment plan which includes treating your issues in the correct order (cortisol, thyroid, then hormones I believe... or is it thyroid, cortisol, then hormones... one of those two)


I know I can't provide a great deal of information to request help back from, but if there's anything anyone can suggest, or anyone with advice to give, I'd hugely appreciate it...


At the time [unknown] of that 'latest' lab work, your low FSH indicates secondary hypogonadism.
When was this done relative to stopping injections and starting T-gel.

If on TRT, FSH should -->0, and then the lab work was stupid from the get go.

Do you have data that predates TRT? You need to get copies of the labs and retain. You need to manage your own healthcare!