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Low T-Levels, Help


Hi Guys, I am new here and need advice. Sorry for this long post but its all the info I have. At the age of 18 I used steroids(testosterone cypinate). Shortly after using them when I got into a higher dosage at my sixth week I noticed a major shrinkage of my testicles. When I ejaculated my right testicles had gotten so small that it went into my body. I got so scared that I stopped using them cold turkey. I used them for 6 WEEKS

! I am currently 32 years old and have been screwed up greatly. My testicles never return the size they were before steroids and my penis has shrunk to the size of pre-puberty. I have no sex drive which I had a very high one before steroids. I have a lot of other problems also that started to occur after I stopped the steroids.

I have constant depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, hard time concentrating, brain is always in a mental fog, bones are always cracking, have no energy or strength, don't enjoy anything in life, which I was very high on life before the use of steroids, and my body composition went from being well defined to being flabby.

I went to doctors and they told me I was to young to be having these problems and it was in my head and they prescribed me antidepressants which helped with the mental depression but not the sex part. I have also developed a vericole vein on my left testicle. My adrenal glands may be messed up as well because I am constantly anxious. I don't want to go on testosterone therapy replacement due to side effects I hear about.

My levels are:
FSH 4.14 range 0.7-11.1
LH 4.96 range 0.8-7.6
Estradiol 20.0 range 0.1-56.3
DHEA-S 155 range 80.0 - 560.0
Total Testosterone 399 range 270 - 1600
SHBG 16.5 range 7.2 - 100.0
Free Androgen Index 83.8 range 19.2 - 123.2

Thanks, Mike


Okay, and?

I don't see what you're looking for by posting all of that. There's nothing drastically wrong with those numbers and you claiming that your sex drive used to be much higher before your first steroid use (which was at 18) is silly. YOU'RE 32, of course it's not the same.

You don't want to ask for TRT, so you basically want to stay clear of AAS. So there is no logic in you asking any of that here. It's not a pub med forum.


Hormone replacement therapy is safe.

go speak to an HRT doc or endocrinologist


I would suggest HRT also. shit I would do anything to fix a pre pubescent penis and a low sex drive. HRT might just minimize all of the problems you described.


6 week cycle of test cyp. at 18 yrs old is not going to produce all of the effects you are currently experiencing. I guess I am at a loss for your actual question. Your penis shrinking is totally in your head and has zero to do with any AAS usage.

Also, even if you had testicle shrinkage from test use, at age 18 your endogenous test levels would have come back pretty damn fast and your testicles would have also come back to a normal size. My guess is that this is a B.S. post in order to scare young people from using any sort of AAS, which I totally agree with.



sorry, did I say that out loud?