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Low T Level Concerns

Hi, I just recently had my T levels checked due to the following symptoms and they came back 432 at 35 years of age. Can someone with experience comment if the following can be caused by low t and if trt would possibly help? My understanding is that my levels match that of a 70 year old.

no morning wood for a long time
Little to no sex drive
tired all the time no matter what I do
Brain fog
No interest in anything
little bit of depression
Penis not as firm when forced to try and get in the mood
Balls seem to be shrinking
low sperm load
Flaccid dick is acting like it’s cold

could be low t or thyroid or other diseases.
its usually not wise to says its low t without testing. could be adrenal fatigue, testicular tumor, pituitary tumor etc
Need complete labs.

total t
free t
metabolic panel
lipid panel
am cortisol
thyroid panel


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I had my thyroid and a list of others checked but maybe I need to get checked for testes tumours… Could the lack of morning wood suggest low T or does that sound like something else?

It could be. Endocrinology is complicated.

If you and your Dr and serious you need the labs mentioned. Post results with ranges.
Or else we are guessing at best.

I had everything mentioned except noted above. And I assume you mean semen and not sperm? Or did you have a sperm count done and it was low?

A total testosterone in the absence of SHBG and free testosterone is an incomplete picture of what’s going on, free testosterone is the bioavailable hormone which circulates in the blood and is the only thing that matters, total testosterone is not bioavailable.

I’ve seen guys in here with a total testosterone of over 2000 and they have all the classic symptoms of low testosterone, the extremely high SHBG is binding the majority of testosterone and handcuffing free testosterone. Low SHBG men are quite the opposite, tons of free testosterone and lower total testosterone.

Your total testosterone if you go by averages for men your age, you are below average for your age group, at 35 your should be north of 600 ng/dL, hell I’ve seen 50-60 years olds in the 700-800 ranges and president Trump (age 72) is scoring in the 450’s.

Thyroid hormones mainly Free T3 speeds up every cell in the body and if low shares a lot of symptoms associated with low testosterone, it’s also challenging to find an up to date thyroid doctor who is knowledgeable enough to order the right testing, many doctors fail to test for the most active thyroid hormone Free T3.

A lot of doctors only test TSH and Free T4 and this is a mistake as there are some who have conversion problems in converting Free T4 -> Free T3 and some who are ill or have an autoimmune disease convert a lot of thyroid hormone to Reverse T3 stopping you in your tracks metabolically.

If your testicles are pulled up tight into your scrotum it means your testciles aren’t functioning properly, your LH is probably very low meaning your testciles aren’t being stimulated by the LH hormone secreted by your pituitary gland which would then be a diagnosis of secondary hypogonadism.

The majority of doctors are ignorant with anything related to sex hormones.

This is pretty much the consensus ->here.

I meant semen, I did not have a sperm count… You said that you had the symptoms… Does that mean you are now on trt? Did it help?

My testicles are pulled tight like they are cold but are still descended… My cock itself is like I just got out of a pool most of the time.

When I was diagnosed with low testosterone (Total T 120 ng/dL) it was as if someone had surgically removed my testicles and was no feeling to them, it was quite shocking to me. When I started TRT, I started to feel my testicles again and they warmed up, there were sentivetive again.

Yeah dude. Im a new man in so many ways.

Thank you… That is what I am after first hand experiences… I am going to do the entire blood work mentioned above before persuing trt… Does it help with getting in the mood and erections?? Not so much ED because I still get hard, just not as powerful because I feel like I am not in the mood and I force it

Thank you, that’s what I am after first hand experiences and results… I don’t think I can even go on trt… Do you feel like circulation has been restored to your dick so to speak?? Like my flaccid dick was always hanging nicely with some nice girth but now it’s just blah… I still get hard but it’s not the same.

I’m obese (233 lbs 6ft, normal weight is 160 lbs throughout my 20’s) and 33 percent body fat, muscle are getting harder all the time, but I will have to lose significant body weight to further improve erections and mood. The more weight I lose, the better the erections and mood. Being insulin resistant slows things down as well.

Improve muscle size and strength will allow you to burn more calories and therefore fat, if your muscles are weak and soft, you are unable to drive glucose into cells/muscle tissue.

I didnt have those issues per se BUT it is twice the size flaccid that it ever was and I would say slightly larger overall. BUT I may have been dealing with low T my whole life and that small flaccid state may have just my normal.