Low T - Labs Included

-age 37

-height 5’8"

-waist 33" - typical is 31"

-weight 194 - Typical 175

-describe body and facial hair
Medium leg hair, light chest hair, no back hair, plenty of facial hair

-describe where you carry fat and how changed
Stomach, not much fat anywhere else

-health conditions, symptoms [history]

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever
no meds

-lab results with ranges
posted at bottom

-describe diet
pretty crappy, working on adjusting now, several years ago I ate very clean and was at my leanest.

-describe training
nothing since May of 2016, prior to that last 5 years heavy endurance training, mainly triathlon and ultra running. Trained average of 15 - 20 hrs a week

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?
They did on occasion prior to TRT, no fever.

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
No morning wood

I have felt bad for the last several years, but it has progressively gotten worse the last 3 years. I finally manned up and got tested, its rare for me to seek treatment for anything, so it was a big step, and I am glad I took it.
I went to primary Doc first, he looked at me ( I was still in very good shape at the time) and said “maybe your depressed”, " you look plenty healthy though, so we dont need to do any tests".
Finally found a local place that does TRT, I finally got enough courage to call and make an appointment.
These are my results:

My protocol to start-
50mg T Cyp every 3.5D
250 IU HCG every 3.5D

Looking at my labs I guess I am secondary. Does that sound correct?

My starting protocol is 50mg Tcyp every 3.5 Days and 250iu HCg every 3.5 days.
I just started my 5th week and do feel a little better.

I felt some improvement during the first 2 weeks of IM injections.
About 2 weeks ago I decided to try subq injections, I didn’t feel any difference with the first, but a couple days after the second, I starting getting the same symptoms I had prior to starting TRT. Muscle aches, tired, mood not as good. I switched back to IM and now after my second injection back to IM, I am starting to feel better again.
Has anyone had this before?