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Low T Labs, 28 YO, Please Advise

Good afternoon everyone, for the past 2 years I knew i had low T but I did not know to what extent. I am 28 years old, live in canada. 5 '11 165 lb and 4 years training. I reveived my bloods today and they are as follows:

TT 8.9 range 6-27 nmol/l
FT 195 range 196-636 pmol/l
E2 151 range 0-172 pmol/l
LH 1.8 range 1.2-8.6
FSH 1.5 range 1.3-19.3
PROL 4.5 range 2.6- 13.1 nmol/l

I had CBC hema dhea cholesterol , glucose, psa done in a previous lab and all in normal range.

I am tired alot, its rare I feel rested or energized. Sometimes doing simple things seem so out of reach, Im moody and anti social. It has not always been like this but for the past 2-3 years life seems so grey. I wonder if its the low T or im just special in the head.

With the above bloods I am currently on Daa, ZMA, dopa, funugreek, arimistane, forskolin and tribulus… I guess they arnt doing much in terms of test / libido boosting. My soldier notices the girls but has a lack of action or need. Diet is very clean, junk food once a week as take out, veggies and lean meats all through out the week. I do cardio, lift 4 times a week.

Since i live in canada the doctors here view trt differently in the states and it is not widely given. For 2 years with these levels I have been shrugged off saying im normal and fine. Recently I have done alot of reading on the forums and noticed the severe decrease in quality of life due to low T and how I can relate to them. On a number of my tests I was around 200 ng Total T ( translated) and as mentioned the docs said Im normal and looked at me like a criminal when I asked to discuss TRT as if im trying to steal test to get gains in the gym.

Would someone with my scores need to look into TRT / cause of low T and should I pursue it with the doctors? Thank you

Bump, any one have an oppinion on what options I can pursue or advice? I scheduled an appointment with a eurologist but its in the new year. Thinking of trt dosing test on my own until then.

Your total T is low and so is your Free T. Yup, borerline but low. Your LH is also low and so is your FSH indicating secondary hypogonadism. You have an issue with your HPTA. You can either try a restart, see the stickies in this forum, or are a likely candidate for TRT. See standard protocol on TRT for a proper way of talking to your doc about getting started.

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You are estrogen dominant and that is repressing LH/FSH and T. As FT is low, FT–>E2 is assumed to be low and then we have to wonder why the liver might not be clearing E2 properly.

Do you have AST/ALT lab results?

Normal range is not helpful. Please post with ranges:

  • fasting glucose
  • fasting cholesterol - can be too low

We see a lot of guys with secondary hypogonadism who seem to also have low thyroid function that can be a cause. Often these are from not getting iodine from iodized salt or vitamins. Doctors never ask about iodine intake. The symptoms of low-T and low thyroid are mostly the same, so one can have a double dose of many symptoms.

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

Please evaluate your thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.

If body temperatures are low or you have not been getting iodine, read the whole thyroid basics sticky.

Body temperature is regulated via fT3 hormone that regulates mitochondrial metabolic rate in your cells. Mitochondria make ATP, the universal currency of cellular energy. So low body temperatures are very indicative.

Symptoms of low thyroid function:

  • feel cold easily
  • outer eyebrows sparse
  • thyroid enlarged, lumpy, asymmetrical or sore
  • low energy
  • mood problems or depression

In Canada [climate], you can easily have sub-optimal Vit-D levels. 5000iu Vit-D3 suggested.

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Thank you for the reply KSman, I know you are a big deal around here being so well versed and I appreciate the feedback.

Free T4 14.2 ( 7.2-21)
Free T3 4.9 (2.9-6)
TSH 1.07 (.3-5.6)
Vit D 169 (75-250)
AST 22 (5-42)
ALT 36 (4-43)

Cholesterol 3.93 (below 4.6)
Triglycerides 1.63 (target 1.71
HDL 1.20 (target 1.29)
LDL 1.89
Non HDL cholesterol 2.63

Glucose 5 (3.3-7.8)
DHEA-s 3.6 (.05-10.9)

I will read the thyroid stickies and monitor. Will repost when I have completed. Thank you again

Your thyroid should be supporting good body temperatures. Check body temperatures, if low, we know what to suspect [rT3].

Nice labs overall. But DHEA could be better. Definitely a bit low for your age. In Canada, DHEA is treated like an anabolic steroid. DHEA is made in the adrenals from pregnenolone. Adrenals could possibly be affected by stress or past major stress events. More of a concern for you if body temperatures are low.