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Low T. Is PCT Necessary?

So here’s a question. If you have Low-T and are supplementing, is there a need for PCT cycles to restore the bodies natural production of T, when there is no natural production to restore, as it’s the reason you’re on Low-T therapy to begin with.

if you are on TRT, you do not run PCT ever.


Thank you…that was my thought (kinda defeating the purpose), I do still run HCG EOD

So, I’m kind of trolling here, but, unless you want to have kids in the future, and the size of your balls matter to you, HCG isn’t needed.

Some guys will have you believe otherwise, and they get all pissed off about it, but that’s the truth. And HCG can affect T levels making it more difficult to manage E2, so I hear.

Snipped…no more kids.