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Low T. Is It Too Late? Is There Hope?


my story:
10 yrs ago ran deca alone for 3 weeks, coming home from the gym I was hit by a drunk driver & everything was put on hold.

I recover & 5 years later my friend points out my puffy right nipple
i see several docs theyre no help, one says "wait & see if it goes away"
it turns into a hard lump
after lurking through the forums I learn about full blood panels.
test 189 (600-800 normal)
estrogen 69
(everything else normal)
since test is way too low I get desperate & decide to go to mexico and take HCG 10cc's over 4weeks
though I feel great it made the gyno worse.
I can't afford surgery but for now i'd be happy if I could get the gyno to stop growing.
I'm thinking to wait a few weeks till the HCG is out of my body and see an endocrinologist.

Since my prob was caused 10 yrs ago I might be permanently fucked.
But I still have sex drive and its a bit of trouble but I can get it up. So no deca-dick.
Does 189 test mean mines shut down or just really low?
And is 69 estrogen high or normal. the doc I spoke to didn't define the normal range.
Is it possible to fix or will I need permanat TRT?


For one thing can you give us the lab ranges? You said the doctor didn’t say anything but the lab sheet should have ranges (unless you didn’t get a copy). To know if your testicles are failing to produce testosterone you need to test LH and FSH. If they are very high, then your testicles are not producing testosterone. If they are low or normal then it could be many things.

CBC w. lipids
free testosterone
free t3, t4
total t3, t4
prolactin (could cause nipple problems)
vitamin d
estrogen (or at least the range for your last exam)

If you have secondary hypogonadism then TRT is not the only option and may not be the optimal option. if it is primary then that it the only option.