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Low T in Young Man

Hi I just got my test results back and are as follows:

FSH: 1.4
LH: 3.3

Are these levels normal? I went to my GP and he said that my previous T levels of 450/379 were too high to be considered for T replacement. He said during my visit that I clearly had the symptoms of low testosterone. ED, mood swings, general fatigue.

I have had a pituitary MRI done recently, came back normal. I have had a history of thyroid goiter.

I may have pointed out, in your first thread where this belongs, that hypothyroid has many of the same symptoms as hypogonadism. So you may have compound problems and suffering.

You are in a lab result lock box. Many docs will not do anything. But you can be looking at possible correctable causes of your low-T and not have low-T tunnel vision. After that I direct you to the advice for new guys sticky where where there are other conditions to consider.

Have you read the tyroid basics sticky?

This post really should have had E2 levels!