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Low T in 19 y/o Male


Never touched AAS.
-age 19
-height 5'3
-waist 34'
-weight 153.6lb
-describe body and facial hair: normal growth, full pubic patch, light stache, decent chops, armpit hair normal, all around normal hair
-describe where you carry fat and how changed: has always been on thighs, chest, stomach
-health conditions, symptoms [history]

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever : i only take presc. adderall 30mg XR
-lab results with ranges ---> see below
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets] normal bodybuilding diet, not starvation, 200+g protein, 150~ grams carbs, fats:50~

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]: fairly normal training, nothing too crazy.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever?: no testicular pain
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: was fairly normal, recently completely stopped.

lab work: test 2
hormone & my range: ///normal range:
ACTH 19 /// 5-27
FSH 5.6 /// 1.4-18.1
GH .05 /// >13.0
LH 2.5 /// 1.5-9.3
prolactin 2.5 /// 2.1-17.7
somatomedin-c 438 /// 182-780
free test 35.4 /// 46.0-224.0 <----LOW
sex hormone BG 22 /// 10-50
tot test: 216 /// 250-1100
albumin: 4.8 f /// 3.6-5.1

lab work: test 1:
dont have it with me, but the LH was normal, but the testosterone was low
111, normal range was 300-1000. for free test (i think)

doctor is having hard time figuring it out, and i figured you guys are experts, can you help me figure out the cause of my low t?


could it possibly be overtraining? here is my training schedule:Monday- Back
Seated Lat Pulls-
70 x 12r
110 x 12r
140 x 10r
160 x Failure + 80 x F

Dead lifts-
XXX x 10r 4 sets going up in weight each set

Seated Rows-
90 x 12r
110 x 12r
120 x F

  • means to Super Set

Dumbbell Pull overs -
30 x 12
40 x 12
50 x F

High Rope Pulleys-
75 x 14r
90 x 14r
90 x F


Roman Chair Hyper Extensions
3 sets of 12r

Tuesday Chest
Flat Bench
95 x 14r
135 x 10r
155 x 8r
175 x 6r
195 x 4r
215 x 2r
225 x 1r
225 x 1r
175 x F
135 x F

Incline Dumb bells
40 x 8r
50 x 8r
60 x F + 40 x F

Pek Dek or Cable Flys
35 x 12r
45 x 12r
55 x F



Thursday Legs
Leg extensions
60 x 12r
90x 12r
120 x 12r
150 x F


Leg Curls
60 x 12r
90x 12r
120 x 12r
150 x F

135 x 10r
185 x 10r
225 x 10r
225 x 10r + 135 x F

Le Puke

Friday Arms
Alternate dumb bell curls
30x10r +15xF
40xF + 20xF + 10xF


Close grip Bench

Str8 Bar Cable Curls
70xF + 40x12r


Rope Press Downs
100xfr + 50x14r

Preacher Curls (machine)


Reverse Dips
3 sets of 14r

Hammer Curls


Reverse Curl (camber/EZ curl bar)

Saturday Delts
Shoulder Press (dumb bell)
60xF + 30x10r

Side Lateral raises


Front Lateral Raises

Rear Delts (dumbbells) lying chest down on an incline bench

Sunday off


Not overtraining. You're not doing enough volume to do it, and besides true over-training takes a lot of months to get into. Do you play any sports?

Also, list any and all supplements you have ever taken.


So what are your symptoms/problems?


no sports, i do that plus an hour of cardio daily, thats it, im drugfree too.

also wow thank you iroczinoz, i totally forgot symptoms.
here we go:
symptoms:low sex drive,(virtually none) difficulty maintaining erection, and a time or two, inorgasmia....thats it.


GH = .05. Is that growth hormone?

Your doctor ordered some strange tests--never even heard of somatomedin.

What does your doctor say about your labs?

Have you been short all your life? What age did you stop growing?


yeah ive always been short.....my doctor is a moron and thinks i came in contact with androgel (idiot...my LH would be low and i would have shrunken testicles, neither are the case, and he knows because he examined my testicles) yeah ive always been short....and im not really sure when i stopped growing....never really kept track, i knew i was doomed to be short, both parents are 5'5 or under....if i would have to guess an age i stopped growing i would have to say about 17-18


Okay...what time did you take this test at and did you get enough sleep? Either way you still have low testosterone but it may be higher than this low if you didn't get enough sleep the night before.

Your hypogonadism is due to a secondary condition...

My suggestion is to get:

TSH, FREE T3, FREE T4 (thyroid)
CORTISOL (adrenals)
ESTROGEN (if your doctor will do this test)

You may have issues with these glands as they can cause excess fat or sexual issues in men (hypothyroidism can). Are you ever depressed, fatigued? Do you eat enough cholesterol?

I am in the same position as you are. I am 21 and had low T, had high normal prolactin and have hypothyroidism (I am taking thyroid hormone). My testosterone increased from 216 to 466 after I started taking iodine and some other nutrients+sleeping more and hopefully will increase more since I am taking thyroid hormone. I also have a similar body type as you (though people think I am thin, I am skinny fat with excess breast tissue-sometimes puffy nipples). I was also severely depressed and fatigued and my hair was falling out and I was anorexic when I was 13 for a year and a half and was vegan for 5yrs after (now I eat fish and eggs).


So what does your doctor want to do as the way ahead?

And please confirm GH = growth hormone?

It is very very low. You may be a good candidate for Growth Hormone therapy. This would spare a lot of your T as the GH could do its job at night to repair the body instead of utilizing T to perform this function.

Interesting case.

Agree with Retinold in that you need more blood tests (Estardiol, not Estrogen). Also do not know how he arrived at the diagnosis of your apparent hypogonadism as "secondary"...certainly possible, but not a guarantee.


Secondary as lh and fsh aren't elevated above range. I agree about the GH I looked at that as well and thought it was way too low but didn't say anything.


i get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. i dont watch cholesterol sorry, i am not depressed or fatigued very often, i will check into this hypothyroidism though...but i dont have any problems losing weight or anything so i would like to think my thyroid is semi functional...but ill check more into this.


my doctor is a moron and wants to wait two months and give me another blood test for testosterone because he thinks i came into contact with androgel (i have no shrunken testicles, and my LH is normal) at the gym, i need to find a guy with a brain.

gh=growth hormone yes....but GOO....get hgh away from me i dont want any acromegaly...i am petrified of ruining my face with HGH like sylvester (no hate) (i love sylv and i love rocky but you can tell somethins up)


Your statement on growth hormone show that you do not know shit about it. Plenty of people use it to correct a wide array of body deficiencies. Since yours is so low, I would highly consider pursuing that option.

Also, I was actually talking about Peptides and not actual GH...I doubt you could afford it at 19 without a trust fund.

Did your doctor make this androgel idea up on his own out of nowhere, or did you say something that would lead him to this conclusion? Either way, probably need a new doc.


all his idea, and yeah bro i know little to nothing about GH, and i dont claim to. but yeah im looking for a new doc....would a urologist be a good option? is it possibly testicular damage? from the outside my testicles look healthy and normal, but i was in a car wreck and they have suffered blunt trauma a time or two, nothing too serious (i dont beleive)


i was cutting at the time of test one and just ended a 3 week bulk at the time of test two, could diet have affected my testosterone so much?


vitamin c
i took a preworkout that contained tribulus for like two days
other vitamins
....thats all i can think of atm.


Those symptoms you have mentioned all could very well be related to your adderall usage. Has your doctor mentioned any of these sides could be attributed from this medication. That might be the place to look 1st with the problems you mentioned.


The symptoms aren't really the root reason for my concer...my age and terribly low levels have me concerned with my future sexual wellbeing as well as my general health, the symptoms can be attributed to adderall but there still leaves the root reasons for why it's low...going for more tests tommorrow will share with you the results.


You experienced blunt trauma to your testicles from a car wreck?

Your pituitary could have possibly been damaged from whiplash, but pituitary output seems pretty decent (LH/FSH/ACTH). LH/FSH are on the lower end of things, but aren't all that low. But your body doesn't seem to care that you have low T and is not putting out more signals, so that is a bit confusing.

If I were you, I would focus on the Growth Hormone. All signs point to this as a real problem for you. Your choice whether to implement it or not, but if I were in your situation this is the route I would take.

How do they actually test you for growth hormone itself? I've not seen this in anyone else's bloodwork. IGF-1 is about the closest I've seen. Did you get that tested as well?

Read up on GHRP-6 and CJC 1295 (MOD GRF 1-29). These are peptides that will increase your body's GH output tremendously. If I were you, I would do an anti-aging dose of about 100 mcg of each before bed every night and retest in 4-6 weeks to see what improvements there are.

What did you get in your latest bloodwork? I will be surprised if cortisol is an issue (ACTH is pretty decent).


i will look into the GH, i never heard of gh peptides before, i did not get a test for igf-1, are those peptides expensive? i hear gh is outrageous.

also my latest bloodwork isnt in yet i am taking the test today i will keep you posted, thanks guys.