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Low T, I Think It's Thyroid? Ksman (was on Clomid now t-cyp)


Idk bro hard to give good advice when I’m not dialed in myself. I’ve just made the jump to 50 Eod in hope of less swings. I too am super sensitive to both AI and Estrogen levels.

I was running E2 30 / TT 1200 /FT 36.9 on trough so thinking I was higher on peak which could be giving me limp dick yet I crashed E2 so many times over the last year I honestly don’t know what to be shooting for lab wise. Sorry for no ranges I’ll post them when I get home.

I Don’t think the 5 of cialis would be bad. I watched a podcast yesterday and progressive anti-aging docs are prescribing cialis 2.5-5 even to those without ED more for endothelial and vascular health . Preventative medicine…


Great to know. Yeah I love my cialis. Lol.

What is your shbg? I wonder if my shbg went lower mine was in mid 20s. If it went lower I probably should try to inject less before I try more than 2x a week injections.


It was 27, 28 , 28 nmol/l (16.5-55.9) the last 3 times I’ve gotten it drawn (nov 2017/feb 2018, 4/2018) so I am def not low shbg but I’ve had what I’d call severe sexual sides for 1.5 years so I’m getting pretty desperate and needed to make a change.


Hi folks.
Just a note about the current thermometers that folks have trouble shaking down.

Here is a little trick that works great. Put the thermometer in a sock and spin it around for about 15-20 sec.


Did you try lowering your dose? You have room to lower based on high total t and free t.
Sorry if I missed your history on your log.


I tried 50mg SQ every third day back in feb which effectively dropped my total dose to 150mg a week from 200. Felt good sexually on day 12. By day 16 I had severe anxiety. Limp, loss sensitivity, loss girth pulled labs and was:

TT 772 Ng/dL(300-1080) /FT 189 pg/mL (44-244), shbg 28.6 (16.5-55) nmol/l) E2 < 17pg/mL non-sensitive so immediately went back to 100/100 every 3.5.

This will be my second attempt at lower dose injections but will try eod to see if I can experience some libido or at least catch it for a few days again. When/if I catch it I’ll pull
Labs to at least have a positive more recent reference point.


You’re not waiting long enough between dosing changes, you’re never going to know if a protocol is going to work unless you wait the 6 weeks it takes to stabilize. You’re going to feel like crap the until 6 weeks.

What I’m reading is you’re pulling labs 16 days into a protocol?


I did at my wife’s request. The anxiety was killer. Needed to see what was up. I plan on rolling with this change for 6 weeks. Failure will likely lead to me just going off Trt.
I get waiting for 6 weeks but after 3 weeks you should know what direction your heading in IMO especially when your experiencing the level of anxiety I was having.

I wasn’t ready for the anxiety and wasn’t thinking I’d crash my E with the change especially since I wasn’t on an AI. This time I’m better prepared mentally and ready for whatever is coming. I’ll admit I thought changing the protocol would result in a bounce back like I’d get when I crashed E to many times to count from the dex.

Crashing E is the worst and Im reluctant to stick out any protocol with an in the toilet E2.


What doses of ai did you try and what frequency?



Your numbers looked great before you pulled out a changed everything, if you can’t tough it out then I doubt you’ll be on TRT long. Most go through rough patches midprotocol, first 2 weeks is easy.


I started back 2.5 years ago with 1mg twice weekly. Then I titrated down from there. My last dosing was 0.125 and I crashed it by taking once Per week.

I havnt taken an AI since nov 2017 and my E2 trough on 200 mg total a week is 30.


Thanks for the encouragement :roll_eyes:. I’m determined to stick this change out. Id hardly call E < 17 good.


How old r u? Just curious. Am 41.

I wish you the best. Stay in touch.


38 years young my friend.


E2 of 17 3 weeks into it all would have risen 4 weeks later, that’s why it’s pointless to do labs mid protocol. You’ll feel terrible on any dosage 3 weeks into a new protocol.