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Low T, I Think It's Thyroid? Ksman (was on Clomid now t-cyp)

Is there gas associated with it?

Yes. Once the gas comes out And I eat very very little the abdomen seems to go back to normal size. Once I start eating it goes back up quickly.

Check this Charlie: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/you-dont-know-how-to-digest

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That was a good read. Actually I eat too quickly and never chew my food well in my life. Will start now and then consider HCL.
Thanks man.

@KSman if you have a moment can u look at post 77 above. I really need some thyroid advice. Thank u.

Again am on a e6d 85 mg. Which is 100 mg a week. I GOT the rest OF THE RESULTS. UPDATED CHART. Last column is blood from 1/30/18.
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Total t- 589 (264-916)
Free t 15.8 (6.8-21.5)
Estradiol s - 34.4 (8-35)
This lab was taken right before injection time.
Am hoping when I switch two 2x a week injections my e2 will come down. Then again it’s high on day of injection. @NH_Watts @anon10035199 @KSman please comment and anyone Else. Thanks.

@KSman I would love your analysis of my thyroid labs above. I did the IR a couple months ago. I regularly take 150 mcg and selenium in a multi . GNC multi mega men i use. Some days i get to 98.5 some just 98.0 MOrnings close to 97.0. Could fluctions in e2 and T cause temperature issues as well? SHould I treat my thyroid? it would have been easy to decide but t3free came in at 3.2 last. Please see above… Thc.

Do you know why your Estradiol has shot up in the last month or so?

Yeah. I just started T injections on 12/18 and no AI. And that was on the day of injections. First blood lab (date missing in chart was 1/30) done since starting T injections. That was on 85mg e6d. Now I just started 50 mg 2x a week. i probably should retake blood on this protocol before starting ai. the swings of symptoms i had during every week on 85mg was so frustrating.

Ah. I guess you have been tracking for a while. Yeah new labs in a bit will be in order and at your trough not immediately following an injection.

Im betting you will feel the benefit of steadier supply now at E3.5D. I know I did when I went to it from once every week.

So I went to a urologist who was responding to many trt questions in a Dr forum at excelmale.

So he added HCG.
This is the protocol he wants.
Friday - 250 HCG
Sat - 250 HCG
Sun - 100mg T
Mon - .5 arimidex
His thinking is when T starts to wear off on Friday, the HCG will help.

Well it looks like my protocol has backing by a reputable dr crisler. I am going to try it. Here’s the link for those interested. http://defymedical.com/resources/health-articles/242-an-update-to-the-crisler-hcg-protocol

You need to inject twice a week to get steadier levels and then the lab results will be meaningful. And take 0.5mg anastrozole at the time of the injections.

Testes need hCG 24x7 and 250iu subq EOD works with the half-life. hCG is not to backup a fading T injection. You will get enough T from injections. Can be minor. In my case hCG increased TT 17%, not a major effect, depends in age etc.

Above advice is what I have been recommending and it has been followed by many here and now many doctors. We have years of blood work for this method.

That protocol that you reference has been around for ever, flawed understanding. Never liked it when Crisler pushed this years ago [2004]. So he has not progressed in 14 years?

I see your point.

If I only wanted to inject HCG 2x a week is it ok to inject together with T. In other words 50 mg t plus 250 HCG ever 3.5 days?

Also I am getting a metalic taste in mouth after HCG injection. I am inject subq belly. Thanks. Is this ok?

If my tt was 589 on day of injection, should I lower my dose from 100mg total weekly to 80mg? My full blood labs are a few post up. Thx
The 589 was on e6d injection. I’ve since switched to e3.5. With hcg 250 day b4 injection. I do have high e2 symptoms. E2 was on the high end on the 589 reading.

Not happy. HCG really sent my e2 up. Couldn’t sleep, bloat, orgasm whiter clumpy and very low volume. Stop HCG or do HCG and start ai? This sux!

Any input?

Better to stop HCG or start ai?

I started doing treadmill last week. It happened both times now. It takes hours for my heart rate to go back to normal. So now I am close to 100. Usually under 80.
Pressure is normal. I feel fine. Why this HR?
If it’s related to my hormones going up and down am not happy.
Am starting to lose patience with my mood swings and having unstable hormones.

Describe your protocol in detail, including previous protocol.

If E2 was on the high side before on your 100mg E6D, you need to lower your dosage at least 20-30mg going to a E3.5D protocol to reach similars levels to previous protocol.

Try 40mg twice weekly.

1st protocol 12/18-2/7 85mgE6d
2/7 - 50mg E3.5d added hcg 2/15
thinking of doing hcg(or dropping it) day of T injection instead of day b4. So if i take an AI i can take on same day. Seems like my e2 is very high day after HCG injection.
I took labs 2/21 (was miserable 2/20, injected hcg 2/19, T on 2/20 am). Actually took .25 arimidex (first tim3 ever) right after labs on 2/21. Made me feel better withing hours.

So my lab should confirm high e2. Going to cardiologist today, not happy with heart paps since starting injections or before when I had low t. esp with my heart rate still at 100 2 hours after cardio exercise. if cardio takes labs will try to squeeze in e2 TT and free t. Suppose to inject hcg today and T tomorrow. may either drop hcg or do with T tomorrow with an AI, if had lab results of e2 can determine if I should to .25 or .50 of ai.

alot judge e2 by night time wood and morning wood, not sure if I can do that since i take daily cilias. I get the extreme bloating which I think is indicative.
I will wait to lower T until I get lab results. would hate to lower T when I can add an AI if T is at a good level.

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2/21 lab
Tsh 2.66
T4 free. 1.12 (.82-1.77)
T3 free 3.5 (2-4.4)

Why is my tsh still above 2? My free t3 had never been better.
Could it be the tsh is higher to keep up with my higher t levels?