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Low T, I Think It's Thyroid? Ksman (was on Clomid now t-cyp)

Attached is the lab from 5/24 when I took ai that dropped my e2. Thyroid looked great then. That’s why I am led to believe my thyroid is fine. And I was also injecting 108 mg a week divided in 2 then. Now it is about 90 divided in 2.
So lowering my dose did not lower my e2 though I feel really good now. My e2 was about 37 with no ai. Like the physio states, these numbers a flash in a moment in time
@anon10035199 u can see my shbg was always in the 20s.

Also this attached lab was from bioreference labs. I am not liking LabCorp it took me over a week to get results because there lab is behind. It’s always something with LabCorp. I think I will use bioreference from now on.

@anon10230041 hey man. How’re you feeling? Higher IGF and prolactin numbers (yours are high but not absurd) are usually caused by hypothyroid. I don’t remember if you’re being treated for that? Am cortisol is a little low as well. Have you been using vitamin c or other adaptogens? Other than that man your numbers look great

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@physioLojik I feel very good. I do yawn for a bit about 1/2 hr after I take my daily 5.5 mg daily Cialis. Which I take sometime bet 7-9pm. But that is ok with me as the yawning lasts for a short time.

I only take a multi v, 20 mg zinc picolinate, vit D3. Also take 300 mg allopurinol. Started about 2 weeks ago Schiff digestive advantage probiotic. Nothing else. If you look at the image above my thyroid numbers were better on an earlier lab. In fact those better numbers I have had at other times as well. Seems like my TSH fluctuates. I am not being treated for hypo.

Btw heres what my Dr just emailed me. Igf goes up with TRT. Wouldn’t worry about insulin or prolactin.

Do you suggest I take vit c at what dosage and which adaptogens if any at what dosage?

Also, I want to say that all my life I can not have caffeine past 10 am as it affects my sleep. I rarely drink coffee.

Btw all- being on trt since December my liver enzymes have never been better (I have Fatty liver since early life) my LDLs and triglycerides, blood pressure, have never been better! My body fat went down from about 21 to 17-18. I just need to raise my HDLs a bit any ideas? Am also nursing my golfers elbow which is preventing some muscle gains.

Thank you!

@physioLojik not sure if you had a chance to see my response to your question directly above.
Also best time to take the vit c and I been reading a dosage of 2g?

@anon10230041 hey man. I just want you to be careful with certain adaptogens because they could lower your cortisol further. Try this for a few weeks :slight_smile:

Every morning licorice root tea
500 mg vitamin c x3 (morning noon and evening)

Report back

Thank you for your time man.

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@physioLojik I think I have good energy all day. The blood draw was at 1030 about 3 hours after I got up. I also waited in the lab 1.5 hours for my blood draw. Not sure if sitting that long waiting and waiting would impact my reading.

I think I will start with just the vit c.

Interesting stuff here. So Lab Corp was behind in testing. Finally got other testosterone numbers. The one I posted earlier was done by HPLC method or mass spectrometry/equilibrium dialysis. I got the LC/Ms just now. There both on the image below.

Take a look. @physioLojik you may particularly find this interesting. Free testosterone big difference. Why?


Bro I constantly battle with my tennis/golfers elbow acting up. I recently bought a flexbar, and from what I have seen online, it is one of the things that can help completely get rid of the pain.

Flexbar by Theraband. Check it out, its helped a lot so far already.

I remembered you have the same issue and I thought about you after I bought it.

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Oh man. I will def check it. This elbow pissing me off. Actually I put thumb pressure on the painful areas a few days ago and I think it’s better. And some major cross friction rub like you said. The last time I did rub from elbow down to wrist.

Actually was thinking of bpc 157. Anything. Even injecting t subq near pain. But I don’t think that will work lol

Let me amazon the bar.

@anon10035199 I guess I need the green one. ?

I started with red.
The video I saw recommended starting there.

I was able to do deadlifts and curls with minimal pain yesterday.

Chin up position still aggravates if I put my full weight, but very much improved.

I use it about 10 reps twice a day.

Do you still do the rubbing?

No. Just the exercises. And I didn’t stop working out, just avoided irritating it.

Also, I only feel the slight “pain” during working out, right after and all day its fine.

Ok fellas am updating my log.
I was off for a while. Detox from forum.
Also I want to apologize to @systemlord. It’s ok to disagree but I didn’t respond nicely.


Here’s the update.
Recap am in 2x a week total of about 85-90 mg. No ai. Multi vit,zinc picolante,vit d. Daily cialis. Started 200 mg magnesium gly at nite I think it has helped my heart paps and have dream sleeps.

I tried clomid Though maybe I would get increased ejaculation volume . I took 12.5mg 2 days . Felt like crap. Immediately stopped.

I also tried injecting 100 -105 mg to increase for possible libido energy surge and I got bad cyst acne. I am good if I increase 1 dose but when I do 2 and more I get the acne. If it wasn’t the cyst type I would not care. While I increased the dose I noticed my Penile sensation declined. Maybe e2 up? Anyway I think it’s coming back. Now that am back down to about 85 mg.

Overall am still feeling very good.

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Prob E2 with that higher dose. When are next bloods? You should be able to roughly determine where your E2 was with the higher dose based on where you are at 85mg.

Dude. I asked to delete my account. So my old post have a username anon12… I missed this forum like crazy. And you guys.
The knowledge is unbelievable. And since we are on trt we need to be on top of this.

And I like helping people.

It appears that any protocol I did most was 110 a week. If I wait long enough my e2 stabilizes in low to mid 30s.
Am sure that if I would have stated course with my recent change it would have stabilized too. But I see no benefit from higher amount at this time.
It’s the change that gives me those temporary symptoms so I don’t think am the guy that can alternate his dose Maybe 1 shot here and there.

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My BP is 107/67 right now. Usually it’s a bit higher. So I took Viagra on top of the daily Cialis I take today - basically for fun…

However my erection was soft. Am wondering if it’s my BP going to low? I was getting light headed when I got up fast at some points this weekend. I usually take an extra 5 mg Cialis on Friday.