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Low T, High Estrogen, High DHEA-s


im 22 have been in the gym on and off for years and years but for the last 3 years have stuck to it. But also in the last 3 years i havent felt myself i have seeked alot of help and come up with nothing, which has lead to an ended engagement, lost friends and even quitting my engineering diploma.

Finally i have had my blood work checked and my results are as follows
( all blood work done fasted and at 9am )
albumin 44g/l range 38-50
cortisol 336 nmol range 170-680
prolactin 164 mu/l range (<320)
FT4 16.5 pmol/l (10-22)
FT3 5.8 pmol/l (3.1-6.8)
TSH 2.48 miu/l (.3-4.2)
Oestradiol( estrogen) 164pmol/l (0-155) way way to high!
progesterone 2.6nmol/l (0-4.4)
vit d 25 89nmol/l (60-160)
DHEA-S 12.3 umol/l (5.7-13.4) 2 months ago it was 14.8 umol/l
test 19.3nmol/l (10-28)
SHBG 23 nmol/l (15-48)
free androgen index 83.9 (15-102)

For americans my test is about 550 it was also 550 at 19.
i had a blood test 2 months ago when i was on 40% icariin 1-2 grams a day
testosterone was 630
LH 5.9u/l (1.7-8.6)
FSH 1.3 iu/l ( 1.5-12.4) possibly infertile..?
i felt so much better on icariin but it aggravated my gyno. but it was a start on the road to feeling normal again.

tried the 60% world ABS icariin at 3grams a day thinking that would help but that stuff is useless. hence my drop back to 550test
morning wood is a thing of the past and its been that way for a good 4-5 years, along with feeling honry or anything. which is rich because when i was 14 till around 18 i thought it was normal to have sex 4-6 times a day with ease.

From the looks of my results it seems my body has easily enough precursor(DHEA-S) to make testosterone but my body just wont take it in and it all converts to estrogen. which then in turn i imagine is giving me adrenal fatigue.

As far as symptons go i have
-huge loss in libido
-bold patch forming since i was 18 ( although it has now kinda come back)
-huge depression ( attempted suicides )
-horrible mood swings
-disturbed sleep
-on and off erectile dysfunction
-no morning wood... ever
-store fat easily
-to sum it up i feel like a woman with my moods and emotions

After 3 years i am finally over it enough to do anything and everything to fix this. seeing an endocrinologist in a month, but doubtful on how helpful he will be. i have never used steroids

as far as my questions go

does it seem pretty conclusive i need an anti aromatase and partial estrogen blocker..? if so what ones are recommended

does low test and high estrogen affect you mentally in a big way..?

anyone with personal experience using just an anti estrogen tell me what changed and how they felt and if it worked to correct things..?

will my lifting change when estrogen and testosterone are back to normal..? i think i have still made some good gains benching 175kg, deadlifting 240kg legpress falls short at 350kg's ( two dislocated knees ) but fuck have i worked hard for this!

much appreciated to anyone who reads this and has some info for me


Just saw Advice for New Guys

22 183cm 6ft not alot of hair
carry fat all over
only one kidney
was on hair treatment for 3 months ( finistrade or something)
did have a ketosis diet once for a few weeks
no sore testicles when sick
94kg's but am usually around 80-82kg's


The moody swings and attempted suicides were your wake calls to get some help.
The estrogen is the culprit. What are you doing to have such a high reading?
Food, some activity, drugs, drinking what's causing such a rise?


im not doing anything that stands out to make my reading high, i think my reading is only high due to my body not taking in my test.


Your story seems pretty bloody close to mine mate except no suicidal tendencies for me. I strongly suggest you read the iodine sticky and get an oral themometer and follow KSmans suggestions to the tee.

This past 4 days since starting iodine i have felt better than I have in months and starting the anti estrogen i have felt sex drive returning :slight_smile: I wont give you advice on what to take or anything as I will leave that to KSman to help you with but there is light at the end of the tunnel.


What's your free testosterone level?

Do you have any CNS symptoms or arthritis/joint pain?

Do you have E2 labs listed?

Iodine isn't going to cure disease and their could be many problems not just iodine and thyroid.

Tsh is a little on the high side. Optimum is 1, over two is subclinical but no one is going to treat it.

Iodine didn't go well for me so take that advise with a grain if salt and if you use iodine make sure you research beyond what ksman has layed out here..
He isn't your doctor.. :slightly_smiling:


have read the iodine sticky , am currently on kelp twice a day. yeah im really after personal experiences with anti estrogen

not sure on free test, but shbg is lowish suggesting my free test should be high, which would make sense due to it aromatizing and converting to estrogen.

yes i have alot of CNS symptoms but whether its that or something else i am unsure. my diet is mostly home cooked meals i get enough rest, im ontop of all my supps. i have spent around 30ish hours researching my symptoms and my blood work i have written pages of info to show my endocrinologist and yet i still cant explain what is going on.

thanks for the replys though guys :slight_smile: