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Im at the end of my 4th week of a Tren A cycle. The day before I started my cycle I had a complete physical and blood work done. Yesterday I went to the doctor for my follow up. All of my blood tests came back good except for my Test level. It was only 280 so my doctor gave me a prescription for 5G a day of androgel and he wants to see me in a month and he will have it checked again.

Should I start my PCT now or just switch to the gel? No matter what I am going to stop the Tren. I want an accurate baseline check that way he can get my natural test level up to around 600 before I start another cycle.


Thats what happens when you take a cycle without test. Get some test and run it two weeks past the tren. then start PCT.


Yes, stop the tren, and just use the androgel as prescribed for now, untill your next appointment.