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Low-T Help!

I’m a nineteen year old male and have recently started reading about symptoms of low T. I have a slight case of gyno and my muscle gains throughout the last three years have been minimal in comparison to many of my friends who have been lifting for half the time I have.

I went to my doctor to have my T levels checked. At the particular lab that tested my blood, the average level is between 300 and 800. I was at 147.

My doctor told me that he would prescribe me Androgel and also suggested i see an Endocrinologist. What are your thoughts on Androgel, and should I just go about my own way obtaining treatment. Also, what do you suggest i ask the Endocrinologist for or to do?

I would try a new doc or go about getting your own test. Although I wouldnt mind having test vials with my name on em and having it paid for by my insurance company :slight_smile:

as for your comment about androgel, i dont know much about it BUT i do highly doubt it will get your T levels anyone near 800.


PM KSMan about this matter. He helped me out tremendously…