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Low T for 20+ Years. Need Help

For many years I have been complaining to doctors about fatigue, low stamina, low drive, they tell me to work out eat less, I tried working out for months and I could never get over that hill, more I work out the more I crash, I couldn’t function, and 0 gain in muscle. Only time I lost weight is that I ate salads and little to no carbs for 20 months lost 30lbs, but again I couldn’t get thru the day.

Finally I paid for the best insurance I can afford and its costing me 1000s of dollars, previous insurance coverage would require me to get a referral to see an Endo and no docs would give me one. Finally got an Endo, we did blood work and these are the results, I also went to the hospital where they did blood work in the past when we were trying to have kids. Here are the results.

In 2002
FSH 2.2
LH 1.8
T Total 142
TSH 2.31
Estradiol 11

In 2003 while trying to have kids I has given HCG for a year
FSH <.03
LH .1
Total T 806

March 2014 Results

FHS 1.6
LH 1.3
Total T 164
TSH 1.49
Free T 4
Estradiol 41

I was prescribed FORTESTA 4 pumps a day that’s 40mg of Test, this endo has never prescribed this before, so I guess I am a test subject. I haven’t started it because I want to research this stuff.

Can anyone give me some guidance on what to expect or what to do.

Get a new doctor. He has no idea what he is doing. With low FSH and LH, you should at least be giving HCG or CLOMID a trial

After Two Month here are results:

Glucose 115 (70-100 mg/dl) went up why?
T4 Free .92 (.60-1.5ng.dl)
Hemoglobin A1C 6.6 (<5.7%) also went up.
MCH 27.0 (27.3 -33.4pg)
TSH 1.10 (.34-5.00 uIU/mL)
Somatomedin-C 99 (154-202ng/mL) Low HGH
Total T 656 (241-827 ng/dL)

Feel like shit, tired, fatigued, lost all drive…

Dr. stated try one more month, he is considering HGH Therapy? Going back July for next checkup… Can someone give some input?

Do you know what your vit-D levels are? Probably not a DHEA problem, but might want that checked too. I know everyone hates the “read the stickies” answers, but you might want to run through and check those boxes of things to check out early on (assuming you haven’t already). Could save you a lot of $$, trial-and-error, and frustrating results.

Your overall T went up more than I’d expect on just 40mg, but I’d be very concerned about E2. It looks like they didn’t test for it. You were at 41 E2 in March with just 164 overall T; I’m guessing E2 is much higher now unless you’ve been taking an AI.

Personally, I think HGH is retarded (unless the doc meant Hcg?). For all we know the fatigue and lack of sex drive could be attributable to a high E2 level, something an AI would fix.