Low T, Few Questions

High guys new to t nation and trt. Ok I’m 47 yrs old and I have felt very tired for 20 plus yrs. Dr do blood and say your depressed give meds no help. I don’t feel like I’m depressed. Anyways I had been researching everything I could for feeling this way ask Dr to check t levels he just said do u get hard so he said it’s not that to young anyways.

One year later went back forced him to check t levels came back at 265 he told me to just have more sex it will get it to normal. I sent back a month later made him recheck 134 wtf so I told him I wanted trt.

so he starts me at 100mg shots tells me come back in three weeks day four I may of felt a little better day five I felt like hell then kinda just back to my normal feeling like crap went got my second shot and talked him into 100 a week which he did not want to do.but I have not felt any better at all my nipples seem a little sensitive tho.

Getting my sec shot today at the once a week interval.I did ask about my e2 going high he said we don’t have to worry about that. So anyways I am looking for a new Dr. I guess my real question is do you think feeling the way I do all these years been caused by low t if I could feel 50% better it would be like winning the lotto. Thanks guys

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