Low T dude with questions and a plan

Hoping some people will lend their scientific expertise.

Age: 29
Height: 68.5"
Weight: 170
Atheleticism: NCAA D1 offers in wrestling
Sexuality: was very high
Muscle strength: was decent. Was just getting into working out (1 yr) so not spectacular but found pleasing gains.
Bone density: much higher than normal as measured by DEXA scan this week
Testicle size: have shrunk from both 25 to one 15-20 and one 20-25. Don’t know when this started.

Steroid or prohormone use: none
Corticosteroid use: for eczema beginning Sept. 12

Begining Sept 15 and reaching fever pitch by December 1:
*sex drive down by factor of five (est.)
*sex frequency down by factor of three
*30% loss of muscle strenght
*Sleep pattern disorder
*Appetite loss
*No morning or spontaneous erections
*No more weekly acne
*Tired easily

November 19 lab tests:
372ng/dl from range of 241-827

December 12 lab tests:
341 from range of 260-1000

Free Testosterone
78.5pg/mgl from range of 50-210

2.3% from range of 1.0-2.7

1.3mIU/L from range of .5 - 4.7

9.4ng/ml from range of 2.0-15.0

3.3 mIU/mL from range of .8-7.6

1.7mIU/L from range of .7-11.1

7.1ug/dl from range of 4.5-14

Lab Tests from December 22
DHAS (same as DHEA-s according to lab)
430ug/dl from range of 260-580

<20pg/ml from range of <20 - 56

Some of my scores are good (Estradiol) but others are terrible, FSH and LH. As my DHEA-s is in the mid-range, I am wondering a few things:

  1. whether I have always been low-normal T
  2. whether my condition is a result of a pituitary problem
  3. if I have always been low normal, why then the decent gains, the solid athleticism and the massive sex drive?

According to the urologist, DHEA comes from the Adrenals so they seem to be working good, but the scores clearly indicate my pituitary function is low. Does this really jive - a good adrenal gland but a poor pituitary? What are the chances of that? I am trying to learn as much about HPA as I can but understanding the feedback loop isn’t so straightforward.

I have all the symptoms of a loss in T. I feel like the walking dead, often.

My plan, try one more Dr. (and endo). If he doesn’t help, then I will take Clomid for six weeks, using the same dosage as seems to be the norm in these forums. The reason I would take Clomid is that, to my understanding, it kicks starts the production of LH and when you get off Clomid you may have a higher LH production value than when you started. As for HCG, I read that it is a pure substitute and does not kick start your system, so when you stop your balls return to pre-treatment production levels. However, I am far from expert on all of these issues.

I would appreciate any advice on what you think might be happening to me. I won’t have insurance for much longer and I can basically do what I want with it right now.

Any other tests I should take?



I have about the same test results, except my estradiol has been above the “normal” range.

I have found that the only thing that makes me feel like a man is Test. Cyp. at a minimum of 400mg every two weeks.

Period, end of story. Endo’s told me I was normal, with a T results of 240ng, that is the bottom of the nromal range for all adult men. The endo’s also tol dme that T levels have nothing to do with libido, what a joke.

I sugest finding an anti-agin doctor that restores hormone levels to healthy levels. I have one if you want a rec PM me.