Low T, Doctor Said to Buy a Test Booster

Hello I’m 33 years old I live In Canada. I also have a testosterone of 265 (9.2 nmol/l) all my blood work is in the normal range I’m 6’0. 268 pounds I have been working out consistently for 14 years. I work very hard for every ounce of muscle I have.

I talked to my doctor today and we went over all my blood work and it came back normal, except for my testosterone he said it was completely normal and no doctor in his right mind would ever prescribe TRT for someone like me. I said it’s normal for an 80 year old man. He then proceeded to tell me to go to GNC or Walmart and buy a testosterone booster then he told me about all the MMA fighters trying to hide there steroid use under the use of TRT.

I told him I haven’t had morning wood for over 2 years I have no libido, I am extremely lethargic how my testicles are 40% of what they were, and I’m not interested in putting on more muscle I just want to feel normal and be able to achieve an erection. He wouldn’t budge on the matter. I managed to convince him to see an Endo. He is my primary care physician. Should I be looking for a new doctor? What do you lads think of this?

Holy shit. Yes, I would look for a new doc.


That’s trash. Sorry you have to deal with that.

Hopefully the endo will be more knowledgeable. If it’s easy enough to find a new pcp in your area, I would. Find someone who also cares about your subjective health. He clearly isn’t knowledgeable on hormone health and suggesting a test booster at GNC is worse than him just admitting he doesn’t know shit.


Report him to whatever governing body doctors have in Canada. Sounds like a trash doctor who OBVIOUSLY doesn’t even lift. It’s my opinion that strength athletes use healthcare providers who lift.

Unrelated: I don’t want to go to a chiropractor or physical therapist who will till me “Stop lifting” or a massage therapist who’s giving me a sports massage, but thinks sumo deadlifting is “dangerous”

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I was virtually identical stats at that age. I got offered Viagra (as if that has anything to do with libido). Change docs. Do it.

Your doctor told you that your TT levels are normal, but TT is the inactive portion of testosterone, your body will never be able to use it, FT is in active portion of testosterone and I’m betting it wasn’t even tested. A lot of doctors regardless of where they are located in the world, normal T status seems to be a blind spot for doctors, they believe in range is normal without accounting for age.

Steroids are very taboo is western medicine, so to the ignorant doctor you stand little chance and getting TRT. You actually qualify for TRT according to guidelines, but there’s no guarantee primary care doctors are going to know anything about sex hormones, only what their had heard or been told.

It sounds like no matter how you try to reason with this primary care doctor, he seems anti-TRT (anti-steroid) based on his comment about MMA fighters hiding steroid usage, your seeking a legal prescription and not trying to hide anything, so what the fuck does that have to do with you?

Your doctor is just extremely ignorant based on the Test Booster comment, being in Canada is part of the problem, socialized medicine is the worse place to seek TRT because government controlled healthcare is stagnate and evolution of medicine is almost non-existent.

You may in fact need to get a referral to a private doctor (self pay) who knows what how to play this hormonal game, where are you located in Canada?

I had the same issue since I’m from Canada. All of my doctors just said it was all in my head when I complained about my testosterone level being 8.8 nmol/l at 22 years old and prescribed me some anti-depressants.

I went to see a urologist once and they also told me off after shoving a finger up my ass.

I think you will have most luck with a private clinic. Try to find a good clinic that specializes in TRT. I’m still finding a good one myself.

Good luck.

That is so laughable. Has he looked at the labels of those products? Many are laced with anabolic steroids under the guise of “Proprietary Blend”.

Plenty of good advice above. Move on, this guy will not help you.

Canada here too. Our GPs are terrible. I go to a trt clinic and they are amazing there. But I wanted to finally get a family doctor for just regular checkups and shit. I saw a guy today. What a joke. He wouldn’t take me on because he doesn’t believe in people taking testosterone lol. I’m like bro I don’t even need you to prescribe it. My clinic has that taken care of. I just want regular blood work etc. The moron had problems even pronouncing testosterone. (He’s Canadian born no excuse for bad English lol)

I would report this motherfucker and try to ruin his career so he will not continue to quack and screw other patients. This is just not serious, I cannot believe…