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Low T. Crazy Results


First off hello my first post. Brief history I'm 41 and started training at age 11. Im a full time fireman and a P-trainer. About a month ago I went to a Low T doc as I was showing classic symptoms.

He was very cool and took my blood and started me on Test Cypionate IM injection 200 mg per week. My initial stats 6.0 ft 180 lbs with 11% bodyfat. It was checked by machine and calipers. Total T 568 not exactly low T but still had the symptoms.

I've never done any type of juice ever. I fog I would see a little change but not like being on a cycle. I was shocked at my results. One month later blood work done again. My total T was 1268,200 lbs with 9% bodyfat. I follow a very strict eating plan focussing on protein with my carbs from fruits and vegtables and some whole grains. Zero starches or white flower.

The estrogen was a little high so doc took me off tamoxifen and put me on Armidex 1mg 2x per week and said drop Test by 25%. my question is if I get my estrogen under control is there any harm keeping my test above 1000. I feel incredible ! Thanks for any help.