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Low T Clinics in KC

I have recently went to my GP with my concern. He didnt really have any experience with TRT and didnt know where I should begin. He suggested an endro or urologist. I have read a few sticky’s about google earth and such. I will also take the suggestions from other of the posts.

Im 33 5’8 weighing in @ 233lbs. Put on 33lbs. over the last three years. Last two years I have been living a strict Paleo lifestyle. So eating clean and still gaining. So I was looking for a suggestion on a clinic I can get my blood work ya know the whole nine yards.

Read the advice for new guys stick and thyroid basics. Post iodine intake and body temperatures.

So zero lab work?

Is your problem really low-T or something else?
Low-T is a symptom, what is the cause?

You have typical insurance or high deductible?

There are some low-T shops that have setup in the KC area. Hearing nothing good about them. If you go to a carpenter, whatever your problem, the cure will be a hammer and a nail. Do not start there.

I am in KC too and I was paleo for about a year before I switched over to the Anabolic diet been doing that for about 2 years now. Its much esier plus its really hard to put on size with paleo IMO…
I started my TRT about 3 weeks ago I love it so far…My reason for doing it were a bit selfish so I aint hating.

What are your reasons for wanting TRT? If its just to drop lbs you should just adjust your diet and workout routine. Paleo is no magic bullet that not counting cals thing is BS…Its great for getting lean but you gota watch kals & carbs fuck that BS in the book.

K is right its a symptom so maybe you can fix it without jacking with your horemones…

If your just looking to to TRT or HRT there are about 3-4 places here in town that will give you T shots no problem. There is a 2 places I know of in Overland Park and Lees Summit that do HGH shots as well but from what I’ve heard its cash up front… I’ve tried 4 diferent docs for scripts put all they want to do is let me slather up in androgel. Some of the med spas around here where women go for botox are getting on the T wagon so they can get dudes as customers.

If you find a Doc that lets you script PM me becuase all I’ve seen around town is either no dice or they want your cash $20 per shot if you have insurance is the best I’ve seen around town…