Low T, Chest Pain Radiating into Shoulder and Left Arm

It turns out my chest, leg and shoulder pain was edema swelling. I started taking hydrochlorothiazide (diuretic) and am noticing I’m feeling amazing and considering I haven’t injected testosterone for 3 weeks is nothing short of amazing. Libido and erections are non-stop, something I have always struggled with on TRT.

I wonder how many others lack of libido and erections could be linked to edema on TRT. It wasn’t like I had noticeable swelling in one area, it was spread across my body evenly, I was only diagnosed with edema in the later stages.

I’ve been battling a 20+ year unexplained chronic cough, it’s gone! It was edema, fluid retention in the lungs, I can feel the fluid draining from my sinus cavities and lungs.

I had three sinus surgeries for nothing, I guess all I needed was a diuretic!

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I’d say you need to fix whatever is making you need the diuretic, but that’s just me.

My thoughts exactly, ultrasound of veins in legs, kidneys and abdominal vena cava check out as perfectly normal. It’s actually pointing to heart failure, the first early symptoms is unexplained long term chronic cough ~ fluid in the lungs.

This all started in my twenties.

Vitamin D was 12, potassium 3.2 and severely iron deficient, I was deficient at the start of TRT two and a half years ago and more so now. It’s either the gut health do to lack of Vitamin D and potassium over a long time or the heart.

Gut health is I believe one of the major causes for many diseases, even depression and may be why testosterone declined in the first place. You can’t make make RBC without iron, so is possible to see testosterone decrease.

We know some of these prescription medications (benzo’s) during withdrawal can deplete you on essential core vitamins and minerals. If I had started out with a knowledgeable doctor, perhaps I never would have needed TRT.

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Very interesting and happy for your progress mate. Im battling a pain around my heart that goes into left hand around fingers post some particular meals which i havent found yet. Tested heart did bloods all good. Im an athlete and had tons of stress in many years. Now im thinking after chatting with some ppl similar in my boat that the main key to this is stress which jacks up the gut. Thus i had asophagus problems many years ago from bad eating habits and bad lifestyle, but from 2007 im eating clean, proper id say and working out. Recently like a month or two ago i got heartburn which was never here before so its strange and nothing fun. I’m also on TRT fwiw. About to order proper probiotics, collostrum and BPC157 as i hear it does wonders for gut health. Will see how it goes. Actually this mysterious heartburn came after i dieted down to sub 10% bf. Never was here in 13 years when i was in a surplus (dont judge lol). So lots of fucking variables but slowly working out one by one. So be interesting how this stack and peptide will work on my gut etc etc. The stress is a major killer, gotta work that out no doubt.


I think you should try BPC157 bro. The Pharmas best kept secret and see how you feel. I’ve ordered that as have similar heartburn recently and this stuff works magic on the gut healing etc, which I think is major key here and gets jacked from stress.