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Low T Center Testosterone Blend?


I have been in doctor prescribed trt for almost 7 weeks. I had a brief time a year ago where I went to Low T Center for 6 weeks. The way I felt then and now are night and day. I noticed major improvements in libido, erection strength, muscle development, and energy going to Low T Center. Other than an improvement with depression, I haven’t noticed much improvement the last 7 weeks with my GP. My protocol with Low T Center was 140mg once a week. My protocol the last 7 weeks has been 75mg twice a week. I’m wondering if anyone knows what they are using for their patients. Is it a blend? I’ve wondered if they have some propionate in their blend because I seemed to feel a libido boost the same day as my shot. I’d like to take whatever I was taking with them. I just don’t know what it was. Anyone have any ideas what they are using?