Low T Center - Has Anyone Used Them?

I was a client at Low T Center in Cincinnati for about two years. I discontinued about 6 months ago due to a heart problem. In fact, they refused to continue treating me because of the problem…unless I provided a note from my cardio saying it was ok. Of course, he would not provide the note.

What were people’s opinion on this place?

There is no connection between TRT and heart disease. Actually, TRT lowers CV risks.

And this: Study of 83,000 Veterans finds cardiovascular benefits to testosterone replacement

That is all the ammunition that you need.

Thanks for the links. Funny thing is, my cardio said something about correlation and causation. He couldn’t say my VT was caused by T…but there was a correlation between T and VT. I said, no kidding…before TRT, I didn’t feel like exercising. With TRT I do. Exercise is when I have the VT.

I’m really sick of being low T again. Considering starting up again but not sure I want to go back to Low T Center.

Many years ago in a conference, a doctor was asked why men have more heart attacks and he said something to the effect that men have higher testosterone so that might be the reason … and it stuck. When the men having heart attacks were suffering from dropping T and DHEA levels.