Low T, can't inject. Which alternative?

Before every tells me what I already know, injections are superior. However, I am in the military and going with injections drives a review for retention (any injectable medicine affects deployment status), so I am stuck with a topical solution until I can retire in a couple of years. I don’t think TRICARE will cover a compounded cream, which I’m gathering is the second best option. I’m not opposed to paying out of pocket for the cream if it’s offered as an option and doesn’t cost a fortune, but my endo specifically mentioned gel at the last appointment. As far as gels, patches, etc. are concerned, which ones should I ask my endo about?

Currently I’m sitting at:
41 years old
Test, total, LC/MS: 226
Free Test(Direct): 2.9
SHBG: 9.5
DHEA-Sulfate: 31
TSH+Free T4 are mid-range normal.

I no doubt feel like a bag of ass and so I’m sure any route will probably help, but I do want to get the most out of the treatment with the limitations I’m facing. Any advice would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t waste your time with gels and especially patches, poor absorption is commonplace. The T gels are typically 1.62% and the compounded cream at 20%.

The new oral testosterone undecaonate Jatenzo/Orlando/Kyzatrex are options you might consider.

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Androgel and Testim. I used either for ten years and they worked fine. My T usually tested at 700 to 1000.

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Not sure how ideal they are but what about implanted pellets?

Everything I read about pellets says they are the most ineffective. I have a friend who did them and his levels actually dropped. They had to remove it and put him on injections.

That stinks. I have no experience with them but just through it out as an option.
Maybe the jatenzo that was suggested will be your best bet.

The recommended starting dosage for Jatenzo is 237 mg twice daily. This produces an average midpoint level of 489 ng/dL. You can always aim for a higher midpoint level at the higher end of the ranges.

Then you would need two 158 mg capsules equaling 316 mg twice daily.