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Low T, Can I Get Dr. To Agree?

I have lost a good deal of weight and I always feel tired and have no sex drive. Had my blood work done and they have normal T levels at 300-800 and I am at 390 so my Dr. does not see a problem. I am in an HMO so I cannot change health providers any advice? I have been thinking of going to Mexico and getting a script or two any suggestions if I go that route. Or should I try something natural like a double dose of Alpha Male?

Tell him that he’s ignoring the symptoms and that the range is a guideline. Be prepared to start switching Dr.s if that doesn’t work. I’m sure you have more than one provider within your hmo. Read the site, there is alot of info you can find and use when you see your Dr.

Could be thyroid problems. Hyperthyroidism can lead to weight loss and hormone problems.


You need free T [FT] numbers. FT might be below range.

You need to review use of Rx and OTC meds.

Forget mexico.

Go to an urologist with a fellowship in ANDROLOGY. These guys DON’T ignore symptoms. My urologist doesn’t like seeing anyone under 400.

[quote]Bricknyce wrote:
Go to an urologist with a fellowship in ANDROLOGY. These guys DON’T ignore symptoms. My urologist doesn’t like seeing anyone under 400. [/quote]

If you are near PA then I be glad to refer to a good MD that treats based upon symptoms not numbers as well as focusing on adrenals.

Urologist might be a good idea as my thyroid came back normal. I was a total fat fuck now I am a semi fat fuck but working on it. Just feel down as far as sex drive and I know its low T as per my test. If I leave the HMO on this and go the no insurance route, what am I looking at for costs on the drugs and doctors?

Try to go to an andrologist.

Contact Mike Mahler. He can sort you out with a natural approach first before you go the med route. Worked great for me. www.mikemahler.com He’s not too expensive and knows the hormone deal very well.

If you want to go natural route feel free to contact me because I have been doing this stuff for few years now and all you have to do is ask pretty much any one on here if I am legit. I also have people that I have worked with document their results and progess on the web unlike this testimony crap.

You need to look at lifestyle, sleep patterns, proper nutrition, and what supplements you have taken or are taking that could be causing these issues. One also needs to look at your current stress levels. You can use all the herbs and crap you want but with out addressing the root of the problem you are only looking for short term solution for a long term problem. You need to look at adrenals and thyroid.

If I did not know what I was doing I would not be working with him designing programs for people which go through him for approval. I am looking into a new supplement that claims to raise testosterone levels. It sounds promising but I want to have clincal testing done on it first with pre and post trials before recommending to clients. Please feel free to google hardasnails1973 or The Matrix and you will see the reference speak for them self Mike mahler PLEASE hormone specialist. I am working on my ND degree and working as medical consultant with DR O on HRT.