Low T But High Sperm Count

Recently diagnosed with low t(231). But I have also had fertility test showing normal to high sperm count. Am I a candidate for test or maybe clomid or hcg ? I’ve got a follow up with urologist soon but I’m not confident in him since he said he’s not a “steroid dealer” when I first seen him about my symptoms

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Can you post lab results, age, past history, symptoms?

He told you straight up he’s not giving you testosterone. Find a new Dr.

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Isn’t it obvious? Every millennial has to put an 80 something in their forum handle. He’s mid 30’s.

This is a bad additude towards TRT, I would cancel any further appointments with him because whether natural T or injectable T at optimal levels can improve your health tremendously and to have this callous attitude towards something so positive tells me his view of TRT is negitive and is do to poor knowledge.

You are experiencing low T symptoms and the doctor states, “he’s not a steroid dealer”, what an asshole!

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This doctor is a complete moron and you do not want him to treat you. But first you can go just to tell him to fuck himself because this is the ATTITUDE SUCH DOCTORS should receive.

This guys should start to understand they are wrong and we need to be completely harsh and honest towards them. Otherwise they will continue to contribute to the sick-being of their patients.

@joshmc83 Just to tell you man, you T is definetely low.

I can recommend to start with clomid without doctor guidance. Its perfectly safe and uncomitting in the right dosages. Start EOD 12.5mg.

But - bear in mind it may very likely make you feel worse, for a lot of people it dose. it can make you feel better. You cannot know which one until you try! Try to take it at least 10-20 days and check your T again. You will know whether you are primary or secondary then.

I will find out Monday what he wants to do… I was referred to him by my local urologist… because he specializes in fertility and I’m 36.I figure the way he responded to my initial trt question he will want to give me anything but trt… I feel like shit… low libido ,low energy…so I have to do something.

After he gives you the speech about how bad t is and tells you to screw, you will find another Dr. Once you get feeling good again and start seeing inprovments in your life make sure you at minimum send him a long email about how much your life has changed to help the next guy that goes to him. If you are really feeling it maybe even make an appointment to go in and tell him what a shitty Dr he is face to face and that you just hope he doesnt keep doing such a disservice to all the men he sees

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Where do you live and how are you finanscially?

I suggest after your future unsuccessful visit with this doctor to start clomid as I told you above.

Make this experiment and we will give you contacts of good doctors. With the clomid test being done you will have more data for them and ease their work with you.

P.S. If this doctor tries to prescribe you some medicine for ED or SSRI I suggest you punch him in the face.(Ya I know unfortunately you cannot do that without getting sued)

I am in the Louisville Ky area… there are a few hormone clinics that I can go to if needed and I can afford it but I’m just trying to do this the “right” way and go to a more conventional Dr. since I’m a little young for low t… There range for testosterone is 241-827.( I’m at 231) .so they are really conservative with there definition of low…but I could be worried for nothing he said all that before my labs. I would think I’m a candidate for testosterone injections and hcg … am I right?


I would advise you to choose one of these doctors. You only need to travel once to their locations then you continue to work remotely.

The guidelines state men 345> ng/dL based on symptomology can be prescribe TRT. Most sick care doctors are often not very knowledgeable in sex hormones or TRT, most are misinformed and taught TRT causes prostate cancer in medical school which was later proven false.

This is one of the reasons why TRT is so taboo within the medical community, its viewed very negatively and probably the reason for the comment about I’m not a steroid dealer. In my opinion going to a managed health care doctor for TRT is a mistake because most are clueless.

hrdlvn…I wasn’t aware I was a millennial…I’ve got money, a house , and an accurate perspective on life.

just fyi. from what i’ve read, very little testosterone is required for sperm production . If true, then a high sperm count is meaningless for a hypogonadism diagnosis.

If you are financially stable please read my upper post and do bot compromise your health. The money you will save are not worthy. Go to the real doctors and pay what is necessary.

I think you took my post wrong. It has been my experience that many 30 year olds put an 80something in their forum handle all over the internet not just here. Someone asked your age I guess you in your 30’s based on your forum handle. No slam was intended. I’m a babyboomer.
There’s a perfect example above look at vonko1988 and read his bio. he’s 30 haha.

Baby Boomers: Born 1946-1964 (54-72 years old) Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (38-53 years old) Millennials : Born 1981-1996 (22-37 years old) Post- Millennials : Born 1997-Present (0-21 years old)

No problem… I guess I am a millennial… barely

No problem. You will still screwing your eyeballs out when I am feeding worms and pushing daisy’s. Nothing wrong with being a Millennial unless you still live in your parents basement.